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Smart Irrigation Strategies with Milesight

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Solenoid Valve

Many factors contribute to the growth, productivity and quality of crops, but water supply is perhaps the most vital one. Soil moisture deficiency will lead to a reduction in growth and longer production times, while over-irrigation will cause water waste and damage to crops. So farmers need a smart irrigation system that implements smart irrigation strategies based on crop’s needs to maximise crop yield and reduce resource waste. Powered by a solenoid valve controller, Milesight offers a smart irrigation solution to improve crop productivity, crop quality and cost control through a wise water supply strategy.


Milesight offers the whole solution including soil moisture sensor; LoRaWAN® gateway which can cover the whole farm and connect to hundreds of end nodes; solenoid valve controller which can be connected to flow meter and control solenoid valve; and Milesight IoT Cloud which is forever free to use. With the help of smart controllers and sensors, the solution helps farmers to make data-based decisions to ensure the supply of the right amount of water at right time, which was previously difficult to achieve.


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Smart Irrigation Strategies

Time-Based Irrigation Strategy: Irrigate crops from 8 AM to 9 AM every Monday.

Volume-Based Irrigation Strategy: Irrigate crops with 1 ton of water.

Moisture-Based Irrigation Strategy: Irrigate crops with 1 ton of water once the soil moisture is below 40%.

Combined Irrigation Strategy: Irrigate crops with 1 ton of water if the soil moisture is below 40% at 8 AM every Monday and Thursday.

Milesight UC51X Solenoid Valve Controller


Remote Monitoring and Control 24/7

Remotely monitor the soil moisture and control the pump at any time and anywhere.

On-demand Irrigation to Save Resources

Irrigate crops based on the need to keep ideal soil moisture and save water usage.

Smart Automatic Irrigation

Set up smart irrigation control rulemaking it automatic to irrigate crops.

Crop Quality and Productivity Enhancement

Powered by Milesight’s solenoid valve controller, farmers can take the chance to boost crop yields through a wise water supply.


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