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Business Profile

The world-famous Ningaloo Reef is located on the North West Coast region of Western Australia off the coast of Exmouth. The Reef is approx. 260km long and very close to the coast of Australia – just ½ km in some areas.

The name Ningaloo comes from the Aboriginal word meaning “promontory”.  The Yamatji peoples of the Baiyungu and Yinigudura clans have inhabited the area for over 30,000 years.* The area is a mecca for grey nomads and tourists who want to explore the striking landscape and sea life of Australia.


Business Needs

The reef is most famed for its whale sharks visiting between March to June, but the area also boasts dolphins, dugongs, manta rays, humpback whales and over 500 species of fish. The wealth of sea life means that visitors are screaming for mobile coverage to share their exciting finds with the world.

The Ningaloo Lighthouse Caravan Park is located on the Exmouth Coast, the gateway to the Ningaloo Reef.  It had no mobile access except for one bar in the cabins situated on top of the ridgeline. It was important for the business that their clients have access to mobile coverage to ensure potential customers were encouraged to make their initial booking plus make the return journey to the park in the following years.  They also determined that grey nomads travelling while managing their share portfolios also needed to have access to data via 4G coverage.

Product/s Used

4 x CEL-FI GO Stationary Models – 2 x 3G mode, 2 x 4G mode.

2 x Blackhawk Yagi Antennas

2 x MARS 8dBi Dual-Pol Antennas

The Solution

A solution was designed using 4 x CEL-FI GO’s. Two of the GO’s boosted 3G signal, 2 were set up to boost the 4G signal.  Each pair held a 3G and a 4G boosting pair (one on each band to eliminate tower interference) and were connected to the 8dBi Dual-Pol MARS Antenna (3G & 4G out of the same antenna).

We only recommend experienced installers to undertake this type of install.  Please refer to Installation Notes below.

Blackhawk Yagi Antennas
The coverage map of the final solution

For an installer you can contact Greg Fletcher, Sales & Engineering Manager greg@commsg.com.au or call 08 9920 8888


The result is full 3G and 4G coverage across the entire park (300m x 300m) – and the customer ecstatic with the result!

“The data screamed in and while I knew the GO and MARS antennas were good and the solution would work, the end result coverage was even better than expected.” Greg Fletcher Sales & Engineering Manager.


This CEL-FI GO installation was undertaken by Greg Fletcher of Communications Systems Geraldton – the company specialises in business communications in the larger North West Coast region of WA, including Exmouth, Kalbarri and Carnarvon; South to Cervantes; Laverton in the East, Newman in the Pilbara.

For more information on this ins

For a referral to a local expert on mobile and wi-fi solutions in your area, please contact us HERE or email sales@powertec.com.au.

Installation Notes

  1. Do not share a donor antenna between two GO systems that are both configured to relay the same frequencies.
  2. Do not share a donor antenna between two GO systems that are configured for different bands without having a min of 30dB isolation between the two ports.
    a. 30dB of isolation can be achieved using one of three methods
    i. Use separate donor antennas for the two systems and ensure that the antennas are physically separated by at least 1.5m if they are installed on the same pole, one on top of the other.
    ii. Use a diplexer to connect the ports together. The diplexer must provide 30dB port-to-port isolation.
    iii. Use a combiner/splitter with >40dB isolation between ports. The increased isolation required here is needed as the isolation specified in a combiner/splitter datasheet is measured into a perfect 50 ohm load and the actual load in the field will be non-ideal.


  1. The Same band cannot be connected from one Donor antenna.
  2. A Different band can be connected but requires Diplexer with 30db isolation port to port OR Combiner with 40db isolation.
  3. If the splitter meets the requirement of min 25dB isolation with 2:1 VSWR on its input ports than the setup can be used (otherwise it cannot).

* Source Wikipedia

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