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Reinventing the Parking Experience

We all know the feeling of spending an unwanted amount of time, effort, and fuel in finding an available parking space. With the number of cars ever-increasing in the world, it isn’t getting any easier with 21 million registered vehicles in Australia alone (according to the ABS data).

One thing that building owners and car park operators can do to improve the parking experience is to utilise smart parking sensors such as the Milesight Smart Parking Solution.

Milesight provides a complete IoT indoor parking management suite, with EM310-UDL detecting the occupancy of parking spaces and LoRaWAN® gateway transmitting the data to the parking management system. Additionally, the network cameras can generate reliable insights based on the gate control data with the AI algorithm to assist car park operators to improve the experience.

The main objective of the smart parking solution is to assist the driver in finding a vacant parking space in a shorter amount of time. The Milesight ultrasonic distance/level sensor can be installed on the ceiling above the parking spot to detect if it’s occupied or vacant. Unlike magnetic parking sensors which measure magnetic field intensity and result in low accuracy, ultrasonic sensors have high accuracy to avoid incorrect vacancy reporting. By leveraging a smart parking system, divers can save time searching and reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

The available parking space information can be displayed to drivers in numerous ways depending on the car park operator’s preference. Such as the above space lights (red/green) to alert drives of availability or on electronic display boards at the entrance of the car park facility.

EM310-UDL LoRaWAN Ultrasonic Distance/ Level Sensor – for parking space occupancy detection.

UG65 LoRaWAN Gateway – for data transmission.

AI LPR Pro Bullet Plus Camera – Entrance & Exit AI LPR Camera enables license plate recognition for fast implementation scenarios such as gates or barrier control with high efficiency and accuracy.

EM310-UDL plays a crucial role in indoor parking management. It is able to capture real-time parking occupancy information. Leveraging Milesight IoT Cloud or other suitable cloud platforms, it streamlines the driving experience, ensuring that drivers are guided to the best parking available and saving time, energy and money.

The Benefits of Smart Parking Solution

  • Easy to deploy and maintain for car park operators
  • Improves the parking experience for drivers
  • Reduces parking stress and anxiety
  • Reduces carbon emissions impacting the environment
  • Increases safety and decreases car accidents
  • Save time, energy and money
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