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CEL-FI QUATRA Connects Residents at Summerset Village Auckland

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Company Profile

In a Summerset Retirement village, residents can continue to live the life they choose, with a large range of facilities, care and support available. At Ellerslie’s Summerset at Heritage Park, the retirement village’s main building has 112 units with self-contained homes with varying levels of support.

Community and connectivity is a major part of the benefits that Summerset aims to offer to its residents – with activities such as weekly happy hour, workshops and fitness groups.

Business needs

Following the announcement that Vodafone Sure Signal was reaching end-of-life, residents expressed concerns. A patchy and unreliable signal was already an issue Summerset residents were no strangers to. From independent and supported care, right through to 24-hour nursing care, communication remains essential for both residents and nursing staff.

Management at the Summerset Ellerslie Village was left wondering what they would do to solve this problem that affected health and safety compliance.

This vibrant community is also reliant on access to cellular data to stay connected to their friends and family via video calling and social media. Summerset’s management understood the importance of maintaining their residents’ independence, so they could not be left without cellular data and signal.


  • Vodafone Sure Signal replacement required to boost cellular signal
  • Full multi-storey coverage required in 112 units across the first three floors of the Ellerslie building
  • Building construction restricts the use of full coaxial cable

Products Used:

  • 24 x CEL-FI QUATRA coverage units supporting Vodafone
  • 6 x CEL-FI QUATRA network units
  • 6 x Blackhawk MIMO external antennas



Blackhawk MIMO antenna configuration for CEl-Fi Quatra solution
Blackhawk MIMO external antennas

One of Powertec’s authorised installers, completed a site assessment to determine the project scope and layout. As the solution was required to completely saturate multiple floors with a signal, CEL-FI QUATRA was selected as the best Vodafone option.

CEL-FI QUATRA typically can cover a much larger area with signal and is best suited to large coverage solutions. Two network units were paired with two MIMO antennas on each floor. These network units were then connected to an additional eight coverage units on the ground, first and second floor of the building.

CEL-FI QUATRA coverage unit in the hallway

In order to capture sufficient signal from the local tower, two Blackhawk MIMO antennas were mounted onto a 1.6-metre mast at the peak of the roof.

As this building was already established, a workaround for the fire seals and thick concrete walls was needed. Again, CEL-FI QUATRA was selected as it negates traditional installation techniques, also allowing the Remote Networks to use the existing Ethernet cabling and saving the client cost of the product, time and money.

As a result of the successful installation at the Ellerslie site, two additional Summerset sites are being evaluated to rollout CEL-FI QUATRA solutions.

CEL-FI QUATRA Business Benefits

Both staff and residents are now enjoying a carrier-approved, boosted signal on the first three floors, across 112 units in the Ellerslie building. CEL-FI QUATRA has effectively and easily replaced the now terminated product, Vodafone Sure Signal.

Previously, a patchy signal of 0-3 bars at best was available. CEL-FI QUATRA now serves as a reliable back-up should landlines be effected in an emergency situation. This installation has greatly improved workplace health and safety across the entire facility.

An added benefit of using CEL-FI QUATRA is extended mobile phone battery life. The users’ phones no longer needed to waste battery power searching for a signal, as a strong and reliable signal is readily available at all times.


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