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Update on the Mobile Repeater for Boosting a Telstra Signal in Vehicles

Advance Information on Packs Prior to Release

Due for Release: Second Quarter of 2016

Initial GO packs have been confirmed and we would welcome your input on these. You can provide input to your Sales Manager or send through questions and requests to sales@powertec.com.au.

Thank you to those Dealers who have provided us with input on GO; from design feedback, to application-specific test results, your contribution has assisted to develop the final product. Find here confidential advance information on packs prior to release. Launch and despatch will occur when we have final compliance sign off from Telstra.  Telstra has a rigorous approval process to ensure all products work correctly and in harmony with their network.

We have a number of approved CEL-FI GO packs – Home, Mobile, Marine and Trucker. Each pack and its components have been tested and approved for application. The number of approved packs will grow and we will rely on close interaction with you our Resellers to supply to your requirements.

Technical Support – By providing fully approved GO packs we can continue to support our Dealers with training and comprehensive technical support.

Leads to Reseller Channel – Our websites will recommend that CEL-FI GO’s be installed by a trained technician. Resellers who undertake training will be included in our online referral program*. You can sign up for online training HERE. Those who have already signed up will be sent a link closer to the release date – there is no need to register again.

Ordering – In the short term you are required to complete the online application with the client home address in the case of the mobile version on the www.CEL-FI.com.au website. This will soon change to client registration via the WAVE phone App which will allow you to stock units that will be locked until registration is complete.

Our next email will go into greater detail on the difference between the mobile and stationary GO versions.

CEL-FI GO Telstra Marine Pack 1 and 2

There are two versions of Marine Pack.

Marine Pack 1 is suitable for vessels under 40ft: CEL-FI Mobile GO, Blackhawk Marine Antenna 698-2700, 10m LMR240 cable, 6m RG58 cable, wall mount antenna 698-2700.

Marine Pack 2 is suitable for vessels over 40ft: CEL-FI Stationary GO, Blackhawk Marine Antenna 698-2700, 10m LMR240 cable, 6m RG58 cable, wall mount antenna 698-2700.


CEL-FI GO Telstra Trucker Pack

The Trucker Pack comprises of: Mobile CEL-FI GO, Indoor Panel Antenna, 4m RG58 cable, Blackhawk Trucker Antenna 73cm 698-2700 (choice of black or white, defaults to black if not specified), 12v Cable.


CEL-FI GO Telstra Building Pack 1 and 2

Suitable for smaller areas with 6m separation between the antennas recommended.

Building Pack 1 comprises of: Stationary CEL-FI GO, Blackhawk Omni Antenna 698-2700, 10m LMR240, 6m RG58 cable, Indoor Wall Mount Antenna 698-2700.

Building Pack 2 comprises of: Stationary CEL-FI GO, Blackhawk Log Periodic 698-2700, 10m LMR240, 6m RG58 cable, Indoor Wall Mount Antenna 698-2700. (Free upgrade to log periodic antenna.)


CEL-FI GO Telstra Mobile Pack

The Mobile Pack comprises of: Mobile CEL-FI GO, Indoor Panel Antenna, 3m RG58 cable, Pulse Antenna and Mag Base 698-2100 inc 3.5m cable, 12 volt Cable.

It is suitable for the majority of vehicles.


  • Supports WCDMA 850 & LTE 700/1800 (inc VoLTE)
  • Will only boost one band at a time
  • Band Button – enables the selection of a frequency band or automatic
  • 70db system gain (mobile) /100dB system gain (stationary)
  • External SMA antenna connectors
  • Supports WAVE management app: Band selection, signal measurement


  • Boosts mobile coverage in vehicles
  • Boosts mobile coverage in small buildings
  • Data and Voice support in one solution
  • Universal network deployment
  • Multiple antenna application options (supplied)

Mobile Network and Network Protection Features

  • Unconditionally network safe
  • Total system relay bandwidth of 20MHz
  • Support for 3GPP Rel. 10 features
  • Carrier specific booster
  • Uplink muting mode automatically shuts down uplink cellular transmissions when no active equipment is detected
  • User/system registration options available by WAVE

Technical Specs

  • 255mm (W) x 87mm (D) x 28mm (H)
  • Weight 600g
  • Cast aluminium chassis with plastic cover
  • Use AC charger OR connects directly to 12V vehicle battery

* Your inclusion in the online referral program depends on having and maintaining appropriate insurance.


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