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Weather 7714 Radiation Shield

SKU: IOT-IS-00023

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Protect temperature sensors from solar radiation with the Radiation Shield – SKU 7714. Effective, multi-plate design. Ideal for accurate measurements. Assembly required.

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The Radiation Shield – SKU 7714 is a crucial accessory for accurate temperature measurements in challenging environmental conditions. Designed to protect temperature sensors from solar radiation and other sources of radiated and reflected heat, this shield ensures reliable data collection. Below are the key features:

  1. Effective Passive Shield: The 7714 shield acts as a barrier against direct sunlight and radiant heat, preventing temperature probes from providing inaccurate readings.
  2. Multi-Plate Construction: The shield incorporates multiple plates, optimizing airflow around the sensor. This design minimizes the impact of external heat sources on temperature measurements.
  3. Assembly Required: Users need to assemble the shield, following straightforward instructions. Once assembled, it provides robust protection for temperature sensors.
  4. Mounting Options: The 7714 shield can be mounted on either a metal pipe or a wood surface. This flexibility allows users to position it conveniently in their monitoring setup.
  5. Compatibility: Use the Radiation Shield with the Wireless Temperature Station or the Leaf & Soil Moisture/Temperature Station. It accommodates all temperature sensors used for air temperature measurement.

Weight2 kg


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