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Ruijie Reyee RG-EW1200G PRO 1300M Dual-Band Gigabit 802.11ac Wave2 Mesh WiFi Router

SKU: WIF-RY-00020

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Experience superior internet connectivity with the Ruijie Reyee RG-EW1200G PRO, a dual-band gigabit 802.11ac Wave2 mesh WiFi router. This router offers seamless roaming, strong WiFi signals with six omnidirectional antennas, and supports up to 64 devices simultaneously. It features parental control, health mode, and easy management via the Reyee Router App. Ideal for families and small businesses seeking robust, wide-range WiFi coverage and efficient network control.

Out of Stock

Ruijie Reyee RG-EW1200G PRO 1300M Dual-Band Gigabit 802.11ac Wave2 Mesh WiFi Router

The Ruijie Reyee RG-EW1200G PRO is a cutting-edge dual-band gigabit WiFi router, part of the RG-EW1200 Series. It’s designed to provide an unparalleled internet experience, combining advanced technology with user-friendly features. This router is ideal for families and small businesses requiring strong, reliable WiFi coverage and easy network management.

Highlight Features

  • Dual-Band Technology

    Utilizes 802.11ac wave2 for efficient and fast connectivity.

  • h3 WiFi Signals

    Features six omnidirectional antennas for extensive coverage.

  • Seamless Roaming

    Supports full coverage with easy setup and smooth roaming between mesh points.

  • Parental Control and Health Mode

    Offers enhanced control over internet access and reduces radiation for a healthier environment.

  • High Concurrent Connections

    Supports up to 64 devices simultaneously without compromising speed or stability.

  • Easy Network Management

    The Reyee Router App allows for convenient control and setup of your home network.

Key Specifications

Wi-Fi StandardsWi-Fi 5 (802.11ac)
Antennas6 omnidirectional
Max. Wi-Fi Speed2.4 GHz: 400 Mbps, 5 GHz: 867 Mbps
Antenna Gain2.4 GHz: 6 dBi, 5 GHz: 6 dBi
MIMO Technology2×2 in both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands
Interface1 WAN Port, 3 LAN Ports (Gigabit)
Advanced TechVPN, IPv6
Recommended UsersUp to 32
Power SupplyDC 12V/1.5A
Dimensions220 x 140 x 36 mm
Weight0.55 kg (without package)
Warranty3 Years

Additional Features

  • 4 Gigabit Ethernet Ports

    Ensures high-speed wired connections.

  • Dual-Core Hyper-Threading CPU

    Provides robust performance for handling multiple tasks.

  • FEM Design

    Enhances signal strength and coverage.

  • Remote Management

    Control and manage your network remotely via the app.

Weight0.97 kg
Dimensions40 × 49 × 62 cm


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