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Nextivity CEL-FI QUATRA EVO Fiber Hub, ROW

SKU: RPR-CF-00867

Price on Application

The QUATRA EVO Accessory Fiber Hub ROW introduces a new era of data distribution and network connectivity optimization.

Meticulously engineered to seamlessly integrate with the QUATRA EVO system, this accessory harnesses advanced technological features to enhance network performance and reliability.  Elevate your network’s capabilities with the QUATRA EVO Accessory Fiber Hub ROW. Stay connected, stream effortlessly, and embrace the future of connectivity. Invest in a product that guarantees performance, compatibility, and style – all in one compact package.

Experience the power of advanced fiber optics, intelligent signal distribution, and low-latency design, all working in harmony to redefine your network’s capabilities. Seamlessly integrate this technical marvel into your existing QUATRA EVO setup and unlock a new level of connectivity performance that’s designed to meet the demands of today and the innovations of tomorrow.


  • Advanced Fiber Optics: The Fiber Hub ROW leverages cutting-edge fiber optic technology, enabling the transmission of data at unparalleled speeds. With its high bandwidth capabilities, it ensures minimal signal loss and optimal data integrity throughout your network.
  • Enhanced Signal Distribution: By strategically redistributing signals, the Fiber Hub ROW eradicates dead zones and weak spots within your network coverage. This intelligent signal management guarantees uniform coverage across all connected devices.
  • Low Latency Design: Latency is reduced to a minimum through the Fiber Hub ROW’s efficient data routing algorithms and high-speed fiber connections. This is essential for real-time applications, online gaming, video conferencing, and other latency-sensitive activities.
  • Modular Architecture: The Fiber Hub ROW’s modular design enables scalability, allowing for future expansion and seamless integration with evolving technologies. This adaptability ensures that your network remains at the forefront of connectivity advancements.
  • Intelligent Network Optimization: Equipped with intelligent load balancing and dynamic bandwidth allocation, the Fiber Hub ROW optimizes data distribution based on usage patterns. This ensures that resources are allocated efficiently, even in high-demand scenarios.
  • Robust Build and Thermal Management: Designed for longevity, the Fiber Hub ROW boasts a robust build and effective thermal management to ensure consistent performance over extended periods. This durability contributes to the accessory’s reliability in diverse operating environments.
  • Unified Management Interface: The QUATRA EVO ecosystem features a unified management interface, enabling easy configuration and monitoring of the Fiber Hub ROW’s functionalities. This intuitive interface provides administrators with real-time insights into network performance.

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Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions5 × 27 × 33 cm


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