Since its inception in 1995, Powertec has grown steadily to establish its position as a market leader for the distribution of communications hardware within Australia and New Zealand. We offer unique opportunities for Partners to increase their business with the support and guidance of Powertec experts.

Powertec manages a multi-tiered channel partner program (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Distributor) which offers a variety of benefits designed to promote and encourage the development of your expertise, facilitate the growth of your business, and maximise your profitability. Each channel tier has specific benefits, including levels of discounts, rebates, training and certification.

The tiered structure allows you to grow with Powertec and access increased benefits of our partnership as your business grows.

The Program provides advancement and incremental benefits based on a partner’s commitment, training, and capability/experience with larger customer installations.


The Powertec Partner Channel Program has been designed around Partner profitability, increasing ease of doing business, and assisting channel Partners in creating opportunities to grow their business.

In today’s environment of globalisation and competition, teaming with like-minded partners is a necessity to grow your business.

Powertec is committed to partnering with our resellers which is why we have established the Powertec Channel Partners Program. This Program helps our Partners maximise their business opportunities in selling communications products to business and end-user clients.


If your business is in commercial, carrier-grade modems, routers, M2M, cellular/DAS antennas, mobile signal boosting, SMS/Phone Gateways, Wi-Fi Products or Internet of Thing/Everything (loT/IoE), the Powertec Channel Partner Program will make it easier and quicker for you to access quality products at the most cost-effective prices.

If you are currently established with Powertec as a long-standing purchaser of Powertec products you could be rewarded after the first month of participation.


Mobile Voice & SMS Gateways

Gateways that take a mobile phone sim card and connect to a phone system. They enable you to take advantage of cheaper or free calls offered on the sim card. It’s like having a mobile phone connected to your phone system. We also offer a range of SMS Gateways.

Internet of Everything

Provision of open source end to end solutions for internet, cellular, WiFi and long-range wireless communication (LoRa) gateways which can be customised to measure and track information to assist businesses to work more efficiently and resourcefully.

Wi-Fi & Microwave

Building commercial Wi-Fi networks for indoor and outdoor applications. Increasing WiFi coverage and providing long-range point to point links.


We offer a range of antennas for enhancing mobile or Wi-Fi signal. Our product range encompasses antennas for vehicles, buildings, boats and many other applications along with masts and accessories.

Cellular Repeaters

Providing indoor and outdoor mobile coverage solutions including residential, commercial, recreational vehicles and transportation.

Cellular, Modems & Routers

Modems for M2M and loT applications. 3G, 4G and 4GX network support. Models which connect via serial, USB or ethernet. Also support for SMS and AT Commands.

RF Accessories

We offer a range of RF accessories including cable, splitters, connectors, attenuators, directional couplers, lightning arrestors and patch leads for mobile phones.

Remote Office

Using mobile broadband routers that take a sim card, customers are able have telephone and internet access without a landline connection. This could be on a mine site, boat or anywhere there is minimal coverage.

Why Partner with Powertec

  • More than 22 years in the communications industry support our company as a leading distributor in cellular repeaters, gateways, antennas and loT.
  • We work closely with our suppliers to come up with new solutions to support our Partners in dealing with frontline clients.
  • We are well-positioned to grow into the expanding Connectivity and lnternet of Things/Everything (IoT/IoE) arena over the next 5 years.
  • Experienced staff ready to provide you with marketing, sales and technical support for the products and solutions you present.

Signing Up to The Powertec Channel Partner Program

To access the Powertec Partner Program, you will need to agree to the terms and conditions of operation.

To be considered initially, you will need to have been a Reseller with Powertec for more than 6 months plus have purchased in excess of $50,000 (ex GST) in the last rolling 12 months. To maintain your Partner status you will need to maintain a rolling $50,000 (ex-GST) in annual sales.

If you are ready to join the Powertec Partner Program and maximise your success in the growing communications industry selling Powertec products, please complete the form below or speak to your Sales Manager for more information.

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