With more than ten years’ experience in providing Call Cost Reduction Solutions (also known as Least Cost Routing), Powertec sits comfortably as a leader in the Call Cost Reduction field.

There are more mobile phones in Australia than people, and it is a fact that people are making more calls to mobiles than ever before. Powertec has recognised up to 70% of some business’s phone calls are made to a mobile- and a landline to mobile call is significantly more expensive than mobile to mobile calls.

Powertec has a range of products to help everyone save on costs, whether it is someone working from their home office, or a large corporation with a high volume of traffic through their phone system.

Powertec’s range of GSM Gateways are used for Least Cost Routing (LCR). LCR refers to the process of sending outbound calls via the most cost effective mobile network.

These products house SIM cards and attach to either a landline telephone or office PABX to send calls over the cell network. Users have the freedom to purchase SIM cards from any network and connect to any plan from which they will benefit.

Call Cost Reduction Products