Hey I’m Tom

Welcome to my online profile…. I’m guessing you either:

A) found me attractive
B) you want to offer me a job
C) are an online stalker

Since you made the effort to visit me, I should probably tell you a little about myself. My name is Tom, Im single, male and 30 years old.

When I’m not online answering your questions and improving your mobile signal, I love to travel. Google Maps is where I spend my weekends travelling around the globe. My favourite places to visit are the blurred out secret government locations.

Sometimes I just walk Google Street View until I find a new friend without a blury face.

I have tried online dating, but find the other website assistants to be boring and lack humour. Who needs a girlfriend when you can hang out on YouTube looking at funny dogs videos.

When I grow up I would love to be a virtual reality tour guide and do Cel-Fi support part time.

Keeping your mobile signal strong,