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Powertec Cel-Fi G41 Communications Trailer, 610 W Stainless Steel Solar, 7m Dual-Stage Mast

SKU: MAS-BH-00291

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For instant deployable mobile coverage, look no further than a Powertec Repeater Trailer. Available in hire and lease arrangement, this system can be dropped to site for instant 4G coverage.

Powertec’s Repeater Trailer comprises a medium-duty mine-spec trailer platform with a full solar power and electronics subsystem. We provide the Repeater Trailer as a turn-key system that can be towed to the required location, powered on, and mobile coverage available within minutes.

The unit is supplied standard with an approved cellular repeater which boosts 4G coverage to five bars within a few hundred metres of the trailer. Depending on the area requiring coverage, the trailer can broadcast Telstra voice and mobile data services in one narrow direction as far as one kilometre.

Each trailer can be made-to-order. Manufactured in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, each trailer can be outfitted with a range of options. Multiple repeaters can be installed to boost both Telstra and Optus networks, or multiple network technologies such as rebroadcasting both 3G and 4G services.

Order In Only

APAC specializes in the design and fabrication of communications trailers built to the highest international standards. Exported to the world, APAC trailers are 100% Australian designed, built, and shipped from their facility in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Powertec through its close partnership with APAC has developed a rapid-deployable cellular communications platform that provides mobile phone and data coverage within minutes of setup. The system uses CEL-FI repeater technology to broadcast Telstra, Optus, or Vodafone 4G service throughout the immediate surrounding area (200 to 400 m typical 60° arc). A range of technology options is available, with WiFi, CCTV, and Warning Sirens bolt-on kits available on request. The trailer can be deployed as a managed service with GPS tracking, and remote steerable antennas are also available.

Operation is simple and effective; the dual-section telescoping mast is extended to desired length, locked into position using a heavy-duty 5/8″ hitch-pin, and then raised using your choice of hand-winch or powerful 1.8 hp winch system with 6 mm 7×19 strand stainless steel wire.


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