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Milesight 5G AI Pro Bullet Plus Network Camera

SKU: IOT-UR-00101

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The  Milesight 5G AI Pro Bullet Plus Network Camera with its high bandwidth and massive network capacity of 5G networks, is qualified to stream ultra high definition videos up to 4K even 8K, supporting upload and download ultra high-resolution footage within a few seconds.

Milesight 5G  Al Pro Bullet Plus Camera supports AI Video Analytics, People Counting, and Face Detection. Powered by an AI chip, it is capable of recognizing vast attributes of human, vehicle, and object pattern recognition models. As the vehicle and human-related events are very important in security monitoring, filtering is supported to better optimize efficiency.

Featuring 5G Low latency it differs from previous generations of cellular technology in that the response time required for a set of data to be transmitted between two points is significantly reduced. The benefit brought by higher data speed of 5G technology, Milesight 5G Pro Bullet Plus Camera can greatly reduce the network latency and camera response time, providing smooth real-time monitoring with almost no lagging time.

This camera can transmit or receive video signals over the Internet wirelessly by simply powering the camera and inserting a SIM card, eliminating the need for complicated cable and fiber connections. Compared with add-on routers, the built-in 5G module enhances the mobility of its deployment, providing a reliable security solution. Empowered by 5G and AI technology, It has enriched connectivity features for unparalleled flexibility and scalability. Compared with traditional video surveillance, smart video surveillance expands the scope of security monitoring, bringing new possibilities for industries such as Smart City, Smart Retail, Smart Medical, Smart Transportation, and other fields.

Order In Only


  • Smart IR II – Combining the high beam and low beam to adjust IR intensity to fit different lighting conditions
  • HLC – High light compensation, improving image visibility under strong light sources.
  • Defog – Defog technology, restores clear images in hazy and foggy weather.
  • Integrated cable management – combining the power interface, PoE port, and other interfaces in the base neatly.
  • 256G – Supporting ultra-large external microSD/SDHC/SDXC card storage unto 256G.
  • Smart stream – Bandwidth, storage, and bit rate are saved with Smart Stream On, eg, H.265+ saves 70% – 80% bandwidth that of H.264.


Weight1.47 kg
Dimensions12 × 13 × 32 cm


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