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Instock Wireless 700-2700 MHz Splitter/Combiner N Female, High Isolation

SKU: WEB-007

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The INSTOCK Power Divider series are USA designed Wilkinson divider/combiner. These Power Dividers have been selected by Powertec on the basis of their excellent Inter-Port Isolation (22 dB minimum, 30 dB average), which supports the connection of multiple repeater systems (e.g., Telstra & Vodafone) to a common donor antenna while protecting the operation of their echo cancellation algorithms. They can also be used on the distribution side of the repeater, supporting the connection of multiple Service Antennas to a repeater.

These Power Dividers are suitable for small repeater system builds, but also suitable for connecting other devices, such as feeding two modems from a single antenna cable to provide redundancy or failover. The N Female series provide a more robust interconnection than the SMA Power Divider series.


  • Wideband Frequency (698 to 2700 MHz)
  • Low Insertion Loss (0.2 dB average)
  • High Port-to-Port Isolation (30 dB average)
  • Excellent VSWR (1.10:1 average)
  • Low PIM Ternary Alloy Plated N Female

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Splitter N-Way

2-Way Splitter, 3-Way Splitter, 4-Way Splitter, 6-way Splitter **This product is EOL – Limited Stock Available**, 8-way Splitter **This product is EOL – Limited Stock Available


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