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ComAnt Cross-Polarised Yagi Antenna, 703 to 803 MHz, N Female

SKU: WEB-072

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The ComAnt CA750X+ antenna, known as a cross-polarised 2×2 MIMO polarised directional Yagi antenna is commonly used in the 700MHz cellular frequency band for its 8 dBi gain.

This ComAnt CA750X++ particular antenna is typically utilized in cellular networks operating within the 700 MHz frequency range. It utilizes a cross-polarized, 2×2 multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) design, which provides directional reception and transmission capabilities. Additionally, the antenna offers a gain of 10 decibels (dBi), which allows for increased signal strength and improved coverage.

The ComAnt CA750X+ is a high-quality Cellular Antenna that is perfect for a wide range of professional applications. Manufactured by CompleTech, this Cross-Polarised, 2×2 MIMO polarised Directional Yagi Antenna is designed to operate over the 703 to 803 MHz frequency band, with a gain of 8 dBi. It features a N Female RF connector and is simple to install via pole mount. This rugged, lightweight Antenna is ideal for Industrial, Telemetry, Military, and Scientific applications. It is manufactured in Finland, with all electromechanics moulded inside a closed cell PU foam for effortless durability. It is also rated IP67 for ingress protection, making it ideal for use in even the harshest possible environments.

Introducing the ComAnt CA750X++, a cutting-edge 700 MHz cellular antenna developed by CompleTech for the professional market. This cross-polarized, 2×2 MIMO polarized directional Yagi antenna operates within the 703 to 803 MHz frequency band and boasts a gain of 10 dBi. Designed for use in industrial, telemetry, military, and scientific applications, the CA750X++ features a sturdy N Female RF connector and is easily installed via pole mount. Built to withstand even the harshest environments, this antenna is manufactured in Finland and is both durable and lightweight, with a low wind load. With an IP67 ingress protection rating and all electromechanics moulded inside of closed cell PU foam, the ComAnt CA750X++ is a top-of-the-line telecommunications product that delivers uncompromising quality and performance.


  • Combination of durability, light weight and low wind load
  • Radome enclosed radiator
  • IP67 proof construction
  • All electromechanics moulded inside of closed cell PU foam
  • DC shorted feed point
  • Integrated impedance compensation
  • Integrated RF choke

dBi Gain

8dBi, 10dBi


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