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Victron EasySolar 12/1600/70-16 230V MPPT 100/50 Inverter Charger System

SKU: ENG-VT-00081

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The Victron EasySolar 12/1600/70-16 230V MPPT 100/50 Inverter Charger System (CEP121621000) is an all-in-one solar power solution. It incorporates the following hardware in a compact vertical cabinet:

  • MultiPlus Compact 12/1600/70 inverter charger
  • BlueSolar MPPT 100/50 solar controller
  • AC Circuit Breakers and RCD
  • PV Array Combiner (Three sets of MC4 PV connectors)

Order In Only

With a minimum of wiring, the device is easy to install and combines all the features of the MultiPlus, BlueSolar MPPT and is completed with the AC distribution functionality, which consists of an RCD (30 mA/16 A) and four AC outputs protected by two 10A and two 16A circuit breakers. One 16A output is controlled by the AC input: it will switch on only when AC is available.

Up to three strings of PV panels can be connected with three sets of MC4 (PV-ST01) PV connectors.


Victron Easysolar set up



  • True sine wave inverter
  • Adaptive charging
  • Hybrid PowerAssist
  • Power Control
  • Multiple system integration


  • Advanced Maximum Power Point Detection
  • Three-Step Charging
  • Inbuilt additional electronic protection provides
    • PV short circuit and PV reverse polarity protection
    • PV reverse current protection.

Weight17.58 kg
Dimensions20 × 30 × 95 cm



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