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Power Distribution

Power distribution refers to the process of delivering electrical energy from power plants to various locations, such as homes, businesses, and industrial facilities. This category encompasses a wide range of products and equipment designed to efficiently and safely distribute power to where it is needed.

At the heart of power distribution systems are components such as transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers, and distribution panels. These devices play a crucial role in regulating and controlling the flow of electricity, ensuring that the right amount of power is delivered to each end-user without overloading the system.

Power distribution equipment comes in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different voltage levels, load requirements, and environmental conditions. From large outdoor substation transformers to compact indoor distribution panels, there is a solution for every application.

Safety is a top priority in power distribution, which is why products in this category are designed and tested to meet stringent industry standards and regulations. Insulation, grounding, and protective devices are all built-in features to minimize the risk of electrical hazards and ensure the reliability of the system.

Efficiency is another key consideration in power distribution systems. By using advanced technologies such as smart meters, automation systems, and energy management software, operators can monitor, control, and optimize power flow to reduce wastage and improve overall system performance.

In conclusion, power distribution is a critical infrastructure that keeps the lights on and the machines running in our modern society. With the right equipment and practices in place, we can ensure a reliable, safe, and efficient supply of electricity to meet our ever-growing energy needs.
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  • Victron Galvanic Isolator VDI-16 A Victron Galvanic Isolator VDI-16 A

    Victron Energy

    Victron Galvanic Isolator VDI-16 A

    The Victron Galvanic Isolator VDI-16 A prevents electrolytic corrosion (GDI000016000). It blocks low voltage DC currents that enter your boat via the shore power earth wire. These currents can cause corrosion to the boat’s underwater metals, like the...
    SKU: ENG-VT-00032
    $186.13 inc GST
    $169.21 ex GST
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  • Victron Lynx Power In Victron Lynx Power In

    Victron Energy

    Victron Lynx Power In

    The Victron Lynx Power In contains a positive and negative busbar with 4 connections for batteries, loads or chargers and a ground connection. It is part of the Lynx Distribution system. A modular DC busbar, used to connect batteries to the Lynx DC...
    SKU: ENG-VT-00103
    $251.47 inc GST
    $228.61 ex GST
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  • Victron Lynx Distributor Victron Lynx Distributor

    Victron Energy

    Victron Lynx Distributor

    The Victron Lynx Distributor is a modular DC busbar, with locations for four DC fuses (LYN060102000) It will monitor the status of each fuse, and indicate its condition with a LED on the front. Part of the modular Lynx distribution system. FEATURES: ...
    SKU: ENG-VT-00100
    $359.40 inc GST
    $326.73 ex GST
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