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Distribution Boards

Distribution boards are an essential component in electrical systems, responsible for distributing power from a single source to multiple circuits. This category includes a variety of distribution boards designed to offer reliable and efficient power distribution solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential settings. Whether you are looking to upgrade or expand your existing distribution network, these products provide a range of options to suit your specific needs.

One of the key products in this category is the Victron Lynx Distributor, a compact and modular distribution board that allows for easy installation and expansion. This versatile board is particularly suited for use in off-grid or mobile applications where space is limited and flexibility is essential. With features such as high-quality components and easy-to-use connections, the Victron Lynx Distributor ensures a reliable and secure power distribution solution.

Another popular product in this category is the Victron Lynx Power In, which provides a convenient and efficient way to connect multiple power sources to a single distribution board. This product is ideal for situations where you need to integrate different energy sources, such as solar panels, generators, or shore power, into a unified distribution system. With its intelligent design and user-friendly interface, the Victron Lynx Power In makes it easy to manage and control your power distribution network.

Overall, distribution boards play a critical role in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of electrical systems. By choosing from the diverse range of products available in this category, you can find the ideal distribution board to meet your specific requirements and enhance the performance of your electrical setup.
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  • Victron Lynx Power In Victron Lynx Power In

    Victron Energy

    Victron Lynx Power In

    The Victron Lynx Power In contains a positive and negative busbar with 4 connections for batteries, loads or chargers and a ground connection. It is part of the Lynx Distribution system. A modular DC busbar, used to connect batteries to the Lynx DC...
    SKU: ENG-VT-00103
    $251.47 inc GST
    $228.61 ex GST
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  • Victron Lynx Distributor Victron Lynx Distributor

    Victron Energy

    Victron Lynx Distributor

    The Victron Lynx Distributor is a modular DC busbar, with locations for four DC fuses (LYN060102000) It will monitor the status of each fuse, and indicate its condition with a LED on the front. Part of the modular Lynx distribution system. FEATURES: ...
    SKU: ENG-VT-00100
    $359.40 inc GST
    $326.73 ex GST
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