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Combination Antennas

The Combination category features a diverse range of products that combine various functionalities to provide comprehensive solutions for communication and connectivity needs. These products are designed to offer a seamless integration of different technologies, such as WiFi, GNSS, MIMO, and LTE/5G, in a single device for enhanced performance and efficiency.

With a focus on maximizing connectivity options, the Combination category includes antennas with multiple ports and bands to cater to different communication requirements. Whether it's the 2J Sparrow 4G-5G WiFi Ultraband + GNSS 2-Port Combo Adhesive Antenna or the Huber+Suhner 3G-4G Sencity Rail Multi 7-Port Antenna, these products are built to deliver high-speed data transmission and reliable positioning capabilities.

In addition to antennas, the Combination category also features integrated modules like the Peplink IoT 20G and Peplink Mobility series, which combine multiple communication interfaces in compact and durable enclosures. These modules are suitable for various IoT applications, transportation systems, and industrial environments where connectivity and reliability are crucial.

Whether you need a compact screw mount antenna or a rugged magnetic mount antenna, the Combination category offers a variety of solutions to meet your specific requirements. Explore the innovative products in this category to find the perfect combination of features for your communication and connectivity needs.

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