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Developing technology solutions for regional and remote areas often means challenging terrain and harsh, isolated environments. Successful outcomes require careful planning and extensive documentation, backed up by the support of trusted local partners.

Powertec build enduring technology solutions through the combination of our in-house manufacturing of solar power and steel infrastructure systems. We are a specialist wireless firm who employ full-time RF, Civil, and Electrical Engineers. Coordinated by our Project Management team, we work together to provide end-to-end telecommunications infrastructure solutions, both turnkey and bespoke.

Solar & Energy

Following our acquisition of one of Australia’s leading solar technology developers in 2021, Powertec now leverages a team who have been building solar and energy solutions for Australia since 1998. We manufacture a range of off-the-shelf power systems for off-grid and standalone solutions on the Gold Coast in Queenslad. For more complex projects, our engineering team conduct electrical designs which are then integrated by our licenced electricians into our infrastructure platforms at our workshop.

Infrastructure Platforms & Towers

Achieving reliable communications in an environment as challenging as Australia has necessitated us becoming a specialist in telecommunications infrastructure. Our engineering team works closely with our partner company APAC Infrastructure to design and manufacture platform and tower solutions which embody modular, systemised, and reconfigurable design principles. We manufacture unique deployable systems such as tripod towers, container towers, trailers, and skids that natively integrate our solar and energy kits.

The APAC-Powertec partnership allows us to design and manufacture fully engineered freestanding and guyed height systems up to about 40 metres locally in Queensland. 

For our larger projects we engage the 41 year history of our specialist tower manufacturer to produce:

  • Steel Monopoles up to 60 metres
  • Freestanding Lattice Towers up to 90 metres
  • Guyed Lattice Towers beyond 300 metres
  • Rapid-Deploy Monopoles up to 30 metres
  • Rapid-Deploy Lattice Towers up to 45 metres
  • Hinged Light Poles up to 30 metres

Contact our team today to discuss your requirements.

With expertise across Telecommunications, Solar, and Infrastructure, our team can help deliver your turnkey solution.

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