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Peplink Balance 2500 EC

SKU: BPL-2500-EC

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Experience peak edge computing with the Peplink Balance 2500 EC. Offering 20 WAN ports, 1TB SSD, and native app support, it ensures fast, reliable connectivity for large enterprises and campuses.

Order In Only

The Peplink Balance 2500 EC is a powerful device that combines edge computing and SD-WAN technologies to deliver fast and reliable connectivity for large enterprises and campuses. It has the following features:

  • Supports up to 20 WAN ports, including 4x 10G SFP+ ports, 16x (GE) Ethernet ports, and 1TB SSD. The SFP and Ethernet ports can be configured as WAN or LAN according to your needs.
  • Supports edge computing, which means it can process data locally before sending it back to your headquarters. This improves the speed and efficiency of your network applications.
  • Can run native apps (Python), containers (Docker), and hypervisors (KVM) on its built-in storage, allowing you to customize your edge computing environment.
  • Can handle up to 30Gbps of throughput and support up to 20,000 concurrent users. It also has dual hot-swappable power supplies for redundancy and reliability.
  • Uses SpeedFusion technology to bond multiple WAN links into a single, high-performance data stream. This enables you to achieve high bandwidth, low latency, and hot failover for your critical applications.
  • Has a comprehensive range of security and QoS features, such as a stateful firewall, web blocking, VPN, application prioritization, user groups, and more.
  • Can be managed by InControl, Peplink’s cloud-based network management platform, which lets you provision, monitor, and manage your routers from a single screen.

The Peplink Balance 2500 EC is the premier choice for edge computing at its peak. It is designed to meet the most demanding network requirements of large enterprises and campuses.

Weight8.7 kg
Dimensions43 × 47 × 4 cm


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