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Victron Energy

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Victron Miscellaneous - Cables - VE.Direct Cable 5m
SKU: ENG-VT-00073
MPN: ASS030530250
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Victron VE.Direct Cable 5m

$22.97 inc GST
$20.88 ex GST
The VE.Direct cable (ASS030530250) is available in different lengths. VE.Direct ports can be used for:
  • Transferring battery monitor and/or solar controller information to a Colour Control GX display;
  • Adjusting solar controller setpoints with a PC;
  • Datalogging from a battery monitor with a PC;
  • VE.Direct ports are included on the following products: Colour Control GX; Battery Monitors BMV 700 and BMV 702, MPPT solar charge controllers


Victron Miscellaneous - Cables - VE.Direct Cable 5m
General Information
Manufacturer: Victron Energy
Manufacturer Part Number: ASS030530250
Barcode: 8719076019633
Packaging Details
Weight: 0.20 KGS

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