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Powertec Dummy Load / Terminator, 1W, SMA Male

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Powertec Dummy Load Terminator 1W SMA Male: Ideal for testing, calibration and terminating RF splitters.
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Powertec Dummy Load / Terminator, 1W, SMA Male

$23.80 inc GST
$21.64 ex GST

Terminators, also known as loads or dummy loads, are used to dissipate RF energy without radiating electromagnetically. They are used to cap off unused ports on couplers and dividers, maintaining the device's impedance and VSWR specification.

This particular terminator is used to cap off unused ports of SMA passive components, such as power dividers and couplers, in order to maintain stable VSWR. This SMA load can also be used to terminate active equipment such as modems and repeaters, provided their output power does not exceed 1 watt (30 dBm).  

The load value, in this case 1 Watt, defines the maximum amount of energy capable of being dissipated. RF energy is dissipated through thermal radiation, i.e., heat, and consequently large loads require heat-sink features.

General Information
Manufacturer: Powertec
Manufacturer Part Number: PCM-TL1-N1
Barcode: 9337692000010
Packaging Details
Weight: 0.10 KGS
Width: 1.00 (cm)
Height: 1.00 (cm)
Depth: 2.00 (cm)

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