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Huang Liang offers a precision-grade right-angle Flange Mount Adapter, connecting SMA Female to SMP Male interfaces for secure, space-saving connections in high-vibration environments. Made in Taiwan.
SKU: ACC-HL-00001
MPN: 145-R010.188(SF162)
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Huang Liang 145-R010.188 SMA Female to SMP Male Right Angle 4-Hole Flange Mount Adapter

RRP: $127.03
$97.19 inc GST
($88.35 ex GST)
(You save: $29.84 )
The SMA Female to SMP Male Right Angle 4-Hole Flange-Mount adapter is a precision grade coaxial adapter manufactured in Taiwan by Huang Liang. The adapter connects a cable or device with an SMA Male interface to another cable or device featuring an SMP Female interface. This adapter features a right-angle configuration and a 4-hole flange-mount design, making it suitable for applications that require secure mounting and space-saving right-angle connections. This adapter can be identified by its distinct connectors and its physical configuration. The SMA Female connector at one end is characterised by a central socket and exernal threading and SMP Male connector features a push-on design without threading for quick connection and disconnection, with a central pin designed to fit into an SMP Female connector's socket. Unique to this adapter is its right-angle design, which allows the adapter to change the direction of the connection by 90 degrees. This is especially useful in space-constrained applications. Additionally, the 4-hole flange-mount feature offers a way to securely mount the adapter onto a panel or enclosure, enhancing the adapter's stability in high-vibration environments or where a robust, secure connection is required.


General Information
Manufacturer: Huang Liang
Manufacturer Part Number: 145-R010.188(SF162)
Connector Type 1: SMA Female
Connector Type 2: SMP Male
Right Angle: Yes
Packaging Details
Weight: 0.02 KGS
Width: 2.00 (cm)
Height: 3.00 (cm)
Depth: 2.00 (cm)

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