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Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Mobile Service with the IBR1700 Series Ruggedized Router is a Gigabit-Class LTE networking platform designed to provide persistent connectivity for in-vehicle deployments.
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CradlePoint COR IBR1700 Single Modem Router CAT-18 + WiFi + 5-Port Switch

$3,369.19 - $5,776.77 inc GST
$3,062.90 - $5,251.61 ex GST
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CradlePoint COR IBR1700 Single Modem Router CAT-18 + WiFi + 5-Port Switch

$3,369.19 - $5,776.77 inc GST
$3,062.90 - $5,251.61 ex GST

The IBR1700 Series Ruggedized Router for in-vehicle uses is 5G-ready with the ability to be field upgraded and accept a future generation modular 5G modem. In addition, it can act as a controller for a Cradlepoint 5G Wideband Adapter. The unique capability of Cradlepoint to operate the adapter in captive mode allows two separate, Ethernet-connected appliances to be managed as a single entity. These two capabilities ensure investment protection and upward compatibility to the latest LTE and 5G technology as they evolve over time.


  • Worlds first mobile router with Gigabit-speeds for LTE, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet delivering best-in-class enterprise-grade performance.
  • Field-upgradeable with a second modem for continuous connectivity (with second wireless carrier)
  • Precision GPS with dead-reckoning enables advanced location-based applications
  • OBD-II support with accessory cables advanced location-based
  • Extensibility with accessory cable for vehicle health and diagnostics reporting
  • Extensibility with GPIOs, NetCloud SDK and API for customisable solutions
  • Unified edge security including multi-zone firewalls, IDS/IPS, and Internet security
  • Certified on multiple public safety networks
  • 5G ready and able to act as a controller for external 5G adapters
Cradlepoint IBR1700 Series Ruggedized Router Specifications
Specification Category Details
Firewall Throughput 940 Mbps
WAN Connectivity CAT 18, GbE
LAN Connectivity Wi-Fi 5, GbE
Management NetCloud
Category Mobile
Cloud Management Yes
Wireless Connectivity Gigabit-Class LTE
5G Status 5G-enabled with Cradlepoint 5G Adapter
Form Factor Ruggedized Metal
Ethernet Ports 5 GbE (LAN/WAN switchable)
USB Ports 1
Serial Ports 1
Dual-Modem Support Yes
Network Operator Standards PTCRB (U.S.), GCF (global)
Network Operator Certifications AT&T, Verizon
Regions North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa & Middle East, Asia-Pacific
Public Safety Networks ESN, FirstNet Trusted, Verizon Frontline
VPN Tunnel Count 10
Wi-Fi Dual-band, tri-radio Wi-Fi; 802.11ac Wave 2 (Wi-Fi 5)
PoE No
Operating Temperature -30 °C to 70 °C (-22 °F to 158 °F)
Rack Mountable Yes
Private Cellular Network Yes — CBRS, 4G LTE
General Information
Manufacturer: Cradlepoint
Packaging Details
Weight: 1.80 KGS

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