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Discover the CommScope HELIAX® 1/2" SureFlex® Jumper, 1m, with 4.3-10 Male and Female interfaces, designed for superior connectivity and reliability in demanding environments.
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CommScope HELIAX® 1/2" SureFlex® Jumper with interface types 4.3-10 Male and 4.3-10 Female, 1m

$56.60 inc GST
($51.45 ex GST)

CommScope HELIAX® 1/2" SureFlex® Jumper with 4.3-10 Male to 4.3-10 Female Interface, 1m

Enhance your communication infrastructure with the CommScope HELIAX® 1/2" SureFlex® Jumper. Designed for superior performance and reliability, this jumper features a 4.3-10 Male to 4.3-10 Female interface, ideal for a range of applications in the telecommunications industry.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Construction: Durable and long-lasting materials ensure consistent performance.
  • 4.3-10 Interface: Male to Female connectors for high-density, low-PIM applications.
  • Low PIM: Minimizes passive intermodulation for clear signal integrity.
  • Flexible and Easy to Install: Simple routing and installation reduce setup time.
  • Weather Resistant: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, built to withstand harsh conditions.
  • 1 Meter Length: Ideal for various installation scenarios, offering ample flexibility.
  • Wide Compatibility: Seamless integration with existing communication systems.
  • Quality Assurance: Rigorously tested to meet industry standards.
CommScope Product Specifications
Specification Category Details
Product Type SureFlex® HP, HELIAX® performance
Product Brand HELIAX® | SureFlex®
Product Series RSJ4-50
Body Style, Connector A Straight
Body Style, Connector B Straight
Interface, Connector A 4.3-10 Male
Interface, Connector B 4.3-10 Female
Specification Sheet Revision Level A
3rd Order IMD Static Test Method Two +43 dBm carriers
3rd Order IMD typical -119 dBm
DTF, Connector A -34 dB
DTF, Connector B -34 dB
Frequency Band VSWR, typical Return Loss, typical (dB)
698–960 MHz 1.065 30.04
1700–2200 MHz 1.065 30.04
2200–2700 MHz 1.083 27.99
3400–3800 MHz 1.222 20.01
General Information
Manufacturer: CommScope
Manufacturer Part Number: F4A-HPHMHF-1M
Connector End 1: 4.3-10 Male
Connector End 2: 4.3-10 Female
Packaging Details
Weight: 3.33 KGS

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