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Discover CommScope's 2x2 Hybrid Coupler—555–6000 MHz, Low PIM Air Dielectric. Unmatched performance in a compact design. Ideal for diverse RF applications.
SKU: ACC-CS-00028
MPN: H-3-UW-43-AI6
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CommScope 2x2 Hybrid Coupler, 555–6000 MHz, Low PIM Air Dielectric

$581.16 inc GST
($528.33 ex GST)

CommScope 2x2 Hybrid Coupler: 555–6000 MHz, Low PIM Air Dielectric

Elevate your RF system with the CommScope 2x2 Hybrid Coupler. Covering 555–6000 MHz, it ensures seamless integration and top-notch performance. Built with low PIM air dielectric tech, it minimizes interference for clear communication. Its 2x2 design enables efficient power splitting and combining, while adhering to BigCommerce standards ensures quality and compatibility. Robust construction and easy installation make it ideal for various applications.

Key Features:

  • Wide Frequency Range: 555–6000 MHz coverage for versatile applications.
  • Low PIM: Minimizes interference for clear and reliable communication.
  • Air Dielectric: Ensures high RF performance with minimal signal loss.
  • 2x2 Configuration: Efficient power splitting and combining for optimal performance.
  • BigCommerce Standards: Guarantees quality, reliability, and compatibility.
  • Robust Construction: Built to withstand harsh environmental conditions.
  • Easy Installation: Intuitive design for hassle-free setup.
Product Classification
Specification Category Details
Regional Availability Asia | Australia/New Zealand | EMEA | Latin America | North America
Product Type Hybrid coupler
General Specifications
Specification Category Details
Device Type Hybrid
Application Indoor/Outdoor
Color White
Inner Contact Plating Silver
Interface N Female
Outer Contact Plating Trimetal
Electrical Specifications
Specification Category Details
3rd Order IMD -163 dBc
3rd Order IMD Test Method Two +43 dBm carriers
Average Power, maximum 200 W
Coupling 3.1 dB
Coupling Tolerance ±0.7dB @ 610-6000 MHz | ±1.1dB @ 555–610 MHz
Impedance 50 ohm
Isolation Between Bands 20 dB
Operating Frequency Band 555 – 6000 MHz
Peak Power, maximum 1 kW
Reflected Power, maximum 200 W
VSWR 1.25
General Information
Manufacturer: CommScope
Manufacturer Part Number: H-3-UW-43-AI6
Packaging Details
Weight: 0.64 KGS
Width: 10.00 (cm)
Height: 6.00 (cm)
Depth: 17.00 (cm)

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