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Powertec 4G Low Band MIMO Panel Antenna, 4.3-10 Female

SKU: ANT-PT-00007

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2XPA-6996-15 is a heavy duty 2×2 MIMO antenna covering 4G LTE and 5G NR lower cellular bands from 698 to 960 MHz with high gain, high front-to-back ratio, and low VSWR. The antenna is designed for long range 4G data connectivity, and also as an outdoor broadcast antenna for CEL-FI Quatra repeaters.

With a 14 dBi peak gain across the entire band it serves as a exceptional long range 700 MHz 4G LTE MIMO XPOL antenna. The antenna is ready for Telstra’s long range 5G 850 MHz network as well Optus and Vodafone 900 MHz services. This high performance antenna ensures the best possible connectivity regardless of network coverage type.

The antenna has two 4.3-10 female RF connectors, providing IP67 weatherproof cable connectivity.

  • 13.9 dBi gain across cellular low band 698 to 960 MHz
  • Ruggedised fibreglass construction with mechanical tilting bracket
  • Two 4.3-10 Female flange connectors (IP67 ingress protected)
  • Low Band 5G-Ready (Telstra NR850)

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As an outdoor roof mounted antenna this model is extraordinarily powerful. Installing the antenna anywhere with B28 700 MHz 4G coverage nearby produces a dramatic increase in signal strength. With a 45° main lobe (azimuth) the antenna requires minimal alignment. With dual-slant polarisation and its wide beam able to capture a high level of multipath achieving true Rank-2 MIMO is effortless.

Panel antennas are the most popular choice for mobile broadband as their wide receiving angle means the antenna need only be rotated in the general direction of the cell tower to provide maximum gain. Their construction is in true ±45° ‘XPOL’ polarisation providing total separation of the two data streams transmitted by the cell tower allowing a near 100% increase in speed over a single polarised antenna. This antenna is extremely well designed.

Weight12 kg
Dimensions15 × 45 × 60 cm


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