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Why 4G Signal Boosters?

Staying in mobile tower range can be crucial for both commercial and private users, even around the clock. No one wants to miss a big client call, corporate deal, family emergency or their social calendar updates due to a poor phone signal.

Unfortunately, many Australians encounter reception blackspots in their home and work, negatively impact their overall mobile experience. A 4G signal booster is a convenient and highly effective way to remedy any reception woes you may be having. It will also give users access to optimal mobile and internet services for their smart devices.

Built on Strength

A 4G signal booster works by receiving at least one bar of service from the mobile network, amplifying it, then relaying improved coverage into your desired space. Approved by all carriers in Australia, these devices offered by Powertec can improve download speeds and enable crystal-clear calls for your business, home or vehicle.

To tackle even the most challenging network issues 4G signal boosters can be incorporated into a distributed antenna system. With this multi-point setup, staying connected in underground car parks, elevators and apartment blocks and larger buildings is a breeze. Dropouts and static-filled phone calls will become a problem of the past.

Of course, much hype has been made of the upcoming 5G network, and many are already equipping themselves with the latest 5G-enabled devices in anticipation.

You Can Rely On 4G in the Future

Luckily, as voice calls will continue to operate in the 850MHz-1900MHz frequency range, users won’t need to worry about their signal booster ceasing to function or becoming obsolete. In fact, the benefits of increased clarity, improved reception and enhanced battery life for their devices will still be enjoyed long after the rollout of 5G, particularly in situations where users use Wi-Fi for their mobile data.

With a sleek solution to suit almost any application, Powertec is the go-to provider for anyone in the market for a 4G signal booster. Check out our extensive online store or give the friendly team a call on 1300 769 378 for more information on how you can make the most of your digital devices, wherever you are.


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