In-Building Wireless Connectivity Solutions

In-building mobile coverage for multi-story office buildings. DAS solutions for businesses.

Custom Solutions for Increasing Mobile Signal in Buildings

As the world’s largest supplier of Smart Repeater solutions, Powertec specialise in the design of 4G-5G mobile coverage solutions for both small-medium sized buildings and traditional multi-storey highrises. DAS are a cost effective way to provide strong mobile coverage throughout facilities such as hotels, underground car parks, hospitals, apartment blocks, multistorey office buildings, aged care facilities, mine sites, and more.

With a national workforce and IBC specialists in major Australian capitals, our team can attend your site to conduct a walkthrough audit, allowing us to tailor fit-for-purpose mobile coverage solutions for your building. From hospitals to offices, our team provide practical insights into the latest 4G repeater technologies, high speed WiFi, and industrial IoT for building management systems.

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Distributed Antenna Systems Solutions for Office Buildings

DAS can be built for any of the three Australian Mobile Network Operators, and depending on budget any combination of networks can be provided throughout the building. Many of our systems operate independently of the Network Operator, meaning our team can fit out your building without lengthy approval times.

Powertec has a comprehensive Project Management system, accredited to ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 certifications. Our national workforce follow strict Quality, Environmental, and Health & Safety procedures, ensuring your mobile coverage solution is built effectively and safely.

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Multi-Storey Office and Retail Business Mobile Signal Connectivity

In Australia the focus on energy efficiency has seen a push to using energy efficient window tinting. This type of metallic tinting is designed to prevent the penetration of solar radiation, which is a form of electromagnetic energy similar to those used to carry mobile signals.

Modern building materials and their construction methodology also pay little regard to their effect on mobile services. Many modern buildings use tilt-slab construction or incorporate metal framing and insulation. Unlike wood and plaster these heavy duty materials are too dense for signal to penetrate.

Your building may also sit in a blackspot where terrain blocks transmission from the nearby tower. Regardless of any reason for weak mobile signal Powertec can design a solution.

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Hazards in Building Carparks and Basements

Many large office buildings have undercover car parks and basements, which often have little or no signal for mobile phones.

Maintenance workers responsible for repairs often have to work in small areas with little mobile signal or data connectivity. Boosting the mobile signal is not only essential for modern building maintenance processes, but for safety of the worker themselves. Weak signal in underground car parks presents a major safety hazard to patrons. Slips and falls in these isolated environments are unfortunately commonplace and the lack of 000 emergency service calling can put a patrons life in danger. Safety incidents such as these can also be a major financial risk for the building management and operators.

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5G-Enabled Coverage Systems

With the expertise of 150,000 cellular repeaters in deployment, Powertec’s engineering team are proud to have piloted ground-breaking approaches to in-building coverage technology. Recent advances in Smart Repeater technologies have allowed our team to build highly cost effective 4G repeater systems for buildings up to 10 storeys often 10 to 20% of the cost of traditional carrier-lead DAS.

As high speed mobile data becomes an ubiquitous part of daily life, ensuring your building is 5G-Enabled will be key to leveraging the latest in IT, workforce, and building management systems.

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