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Victron Galvanic Isolator VDI-16 A

SKU: ENG-VT-00032

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The Victron Galvanic Isolator VDI-16 A prevents electrolytic corrosion (GDI000016000).

It blocks low voltage DC currents that enter your boat via the shore power earth wire. These currents can cause corrosion to the boat’s underwater metals, like the hull, propeller, shaft and so on.

The galvanic isolator consists internally of two diodes which are connected in an anti-parallel fashion. When they are connected in this way, the diodes allow current in both directions but only above a certain threshold voltage.

In Stock

Victron – Isolation Transformer – Galvanic Isolator VDI-16 A

Weight1.6 kg
Dimensions6 × 20 × 11 cm



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