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SendQuick ConeXa 300 + Manufacturing Warranty + Support – first 12 months

SKU: SMS-SQ-00013

Price on Application
  • Please contact us for lead times
  • Price does not include modem/ licenses
  • Available with 12 and 24 months extended warranty – call us on (07) 55 770 500 for pricing

Recommended modem: Multitech LTE CAT4 USE Cellular Modem


  • 6 x USB, 1 x RS232, 1 x VGA
  • Unlimited SMS OTP, up to 300 Soft Token users (supports multiple AD for authentication)
  • SMS One-time-password (OTP) for 2-factor authentication
  • SMS password request for On-Demand SMS OTP feature
  • Built-in authentication and authorisation server
  • Easy integration with all RADIUS-based SSL VPN as well as other RADIUS-based systems
  • Customizable user message with configurable OTP expiry time (minutes)
  • Support for normal SMS, Flash and Message Overwrite SMS
  • Unlimited user license
  • Scalable to support up to 32 GSM modems
  • Options for RAID and High Availability (HA) for zero down-time implementation

Secure Remote Access for Staff and Customers

  • Easy deployment with SMS OTP, Mobile Soft Token, and Email OTP
  • Flexible 2-factor authentication for all usage scenarios
  • Integrates to local/ External databases or Microsoft Active Directory
  • Supports all RADIUS-based SSL VPN

With greater mobility comes and even bigger issue – security. The increase in cyberattacks on the organisation’s IT network has highlighted the need for companies to secure remote access for their staff and customers. Today, most companies use either SSL VPN or IPSec to secure remote access. However, this does not address the authenticity of the remote users. 2-factor authentication (2FA) is an industry-accepted solution for remote user authentication.

There are various types of 2FA solutions in the marketplace. Today mobile phones are ubiquitous and provide an easy and low-cost method to implement 2FA. The widely popular SMS OTP, as well as OTP generated through soft token (smartphones) can be easily delivered on all mobile phones, making 2FA implementation effortless for companies. SendQuick ConeXa is the ideal solution for all companies seeking low cost and seamless way to implement 2FA. It has a built-in SMS OTP, Soft Token and Email OTP with Authentication and Authorisation (AA) capability, Radius server and an SMS transmission engine, all in a single appliance. SendQuick ConeXa fulfils all the 2FA requirements or organisations and easily integrates with the existing enterprise network management system.

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