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RF Adapter, SMA Female to RP-SMA Female

SKU: ACC-BH-00070

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This RF adapter is used to change the polarity of an antenna to match a connecting cable.

For example, a WiFi antenna with an RP-SMA Male connection may need to interface with a standard SMA Male coaxial cable. Or in the reverse scenario, a standard SMA antenna may need to be interfaced with a specialised RP-SMA cable terminating with a Male plug body.

Out of Stock

An SMA to Reverse Polarity SMA (RP-SMA) coaxial adapter is a device used to connect two devices that have different types of SMA connectors. SMA stands for SubMiniature version A and is a type of coaxial RF connector commonly used in the telecommunications and networking industries. The SMA Female connector has a center pin and a threaded outer shell, and it is designed to provide a secure and reliable connection between RF devices such as antennas, cables, and RF connectors.

The RP-SMA connector is a variation of the SMA connector that has a reverse polarity, meaning that the center pin and outer shell are reversed in comparison to the standard SMA connector. This is useful in situations where the devices being connected have different pin configurations, such as when connecting a device with an SMA connector to a device with an RP-SMA connector. In this case, the SMA to RP-SMA adapter is used to adapt the SMA connector to fit the RP-SMA connector, allowing the two devices to be connected. The adapter consists of a female SMA connector on one end and a female RP-SMA connector on the other end, and it is made of a durable, high-quality brass with a gold plating.

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