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RF Adapter RP-SMA Male to SMA Female

SKU: ACC-PT-00321

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The AD-RSA1SA2 RF Adapter designed by Powertec, is a high-quality interconnect that meets the needs of today’s RF professionals. With a frequency band of 0 to 6 GHz, this adapter offers a reliable, straight body shape and free-hanging mounting style for all traditional RF connectivity needs. It is manufactured from brass material with a gold plating, expertly manufactured under stringent factory conditions. This adapter is produced under an ISO 9001 quality management system, ensuring your confidence in its reliability and performance.

On Back Order

The AD-RSA1SA2 RF adapter has a RP-SMA Male interface on one side and a SMA Female interface on the other side. The RP-SMA Male interface is a reverse polarity SMA male connector, which is used for wireless communication systems. The SMA Female interface is a standard SMA female connector, which is commonly found in RF applications. The adapter operates within the frequency range of 0 to 6 GHz, making it suitable for a variety of applications such as wireless communication, radio broadcasting, and radar systems.


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