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RF Adapter, N Male to BNC Male

SKU: ACC-PT-00403

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The Powertec standard grade RF Adapter is a reliable, brass component with nickel plating that operates over the 0 to 3 GHz frequency band. The N Male and BNC Male connectors on either side of the adapter allow for flexibility in connecting different devices. The adapter’s Free Hanging mounting style makes it easy to use in any setup, and it is manufactured under an ISO 9001 quality management system for added assurance of its performance. A must-have for any RF professional.

Out of Stock

The connector on the input side of the RF adapter is designed as an N-type male connector, which is a coaxial connector commonly used in RF applications due to its robustness, high power handling capability, and reliable signal transmission. On the output side, the adapter is equipped with a BNC-type male connector, which is also a commonly used coaxial connector in RF applications due to its quick connect and disconnect capability, as well as its compact size and reliable signal transmission. The shape and sizing of the connectors on this RF adapter are designed to ensure proper mating with the corresponding connectors on the cables or devices with which it is being used, which helps to minimise signal loss and maintain signal integrity.

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