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PTL-240 Coaxial Cable SMA Male to SMA Male 50cm

SKU: ACC-PT-00362

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PTL-240 Coaxial Cable SMA Male to SMA Male 50cm creates Superior Signal Transmission with Secure Connectivity.

Crafted from premium materials, the PTL-240 Coaxial Cable is engineered for durability and longevity. The SMA Male connectors are precision-machined to ensure a reliable and secure fit, eliminating the risk of signal disruptions or accidental disconnections. This cable is well-suited for demanding environments and can withstand frequent use.

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Powertec’s PTL-240 coaxial cable is a low-loss RF cable with a medium-sized 6.10 mm outer diameter. This series is without a doubt the most popular choice of RF cable, due to its efficient compromise between performance and cost. 

PTL-240 cable provides the flexibility and easy installation of a smaller diameter cable, with the low attenuation and shielding advantages of a larger cable. The cable is a mid-size providing a compromise between form factor/bend radius, and attenuation/power handling. Its double-shielded outer conductor provides exceptional RF shielding exceeding 90 dB, and PE jacket for a service life in excess of 20 years.

The PTL-240 Coaxial Cable, equipped with SMA Male connectors on both ends, offers a length of 50cm for precise and efficient signal transmission. Built to meet rigorous industry standards, this coaxial cable ensures unparalleled performance and steadfast connectivity.

Designed specifically for RF devices, antennas, and wireless routers, the PTL-240 cable guarantees secure connections, effectively minimizing signal loss and optimizing signal strength. Its meticulous construction and engineering minimize attenuation, delivering clear and uninterrupted data transfer


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