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PTL-100 Patch Cable TS9 to SMA Female 18cm (suit Nighthawk)

SKU: ACC-PT-00144

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TS-9 to SMA Female patch leads are designed to connect a larger feeder cable that comes down from an antenna into a user device such as a mobile broadband modem.

The cable’s right angle TS-9 connector matches the external antenna connection on many 4G modems.

Netgear use the TS-9 connection to allow the attachment of larger 4G antennas. In most cases a 4G modem will use two TS-9 connectors to operate in 2×2 MIMO.  This provides twice the performance over a single antenna.

This patch lead is 18 cm (180 mm) in length, and uses a high quality L-100 coaxial cable which is rated to 6 GHz.

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The L-100 Patch Cable, TS-9 to SMA Female (CAL817) connector is visually similar to the CRC9 connector, however the two interfaces are totally incompatible.  Manufacturers such as ZTE use the CRC9 connector, while Netgear and the latest Huawei modems using the TS-9 interface.

Externally mounted antennas improve the performance of mobile broadband by receiving the stronger signal naturally present outside the building.

Many 5G modems do not support external antenna connections due to the highly complex nature of 5G.  Instead all-outdoor units like the Cellferno M2000 are becoming increasingly popular.

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions15 × 10 × 1 cm


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