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Cradlepoint W1850 NC Branch 5G Adapter ESS

SKU: WEB-044

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The Cradlepoint W1850 NC Branch 5G Adapter ESS – A High-Performance 5G Connectivity is a great solution for Enterprise Networks.

Experience unmatched network performance and seamless 5G connectivity with the Cradlepoint W1850 NC Branch 5G Adapter ESS. Engineered to cater to the demands of modern enterprises, this advanced adapter elevates network connectivity to unprecedented levels, ensuring optimized data transmission, low latency, and enhanced security for businesses of all sizes.

The Cradlepoint W1850 NC Branch 5G Adapter ESS can unlock the full potential of 5G connectivity. Leverage its high-performance capabilities, secure design, and future-proof features to transform your business operations and maintain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.


  • 5G Network Powerhouse: The Cradlepoint W1850 NC Branch 5G Adapter ESS harnesses the full potential of 5G technology, delivering blazing-fast data speeds and ultra-low latency. Businesses can effortlessly handle high-bandwidth applications, ensuring smooth operations and real-time data processing.
  • Multi-Interface Support: This adapter is equipped with multiple interface options, including Ethernet and USB, allowing seamless integration with existing network infrastructure and offering versatile deployment options tailored to specific enterprise requirements.
  • Enterprise-Grade Performance: Designed to excel in demanding enterprise environments, the Cradlepoint W1850 NC Branch 5G Adapter ESS offers exceptional performance, supporting a multitude of devices and users simultaneously without sacrificing speed or reliability.
  • Advanced Security Measures: Protect your business-critical data with the Cradlepoint W1850 NC Branch 5G Adapter ESS’s robust security features. Built-in firewall protection, VPN support, and encrypted data transmission ensure data integrity and safeguard against potential cyber threats.
  • Intelligent Network Management: Simplify network setup and streamline operations with Cradlepoint’s cloud-based NetCloud Manager, providing centralized network management, configuration, and real-time monitoring, optimizing network performance and minimizing downtime.
  • Future-Proof Design: Stay at the forefront of technological advancements with the Cradlepoint W1850 NC Branch 5G Adapter ESS. Its forward compatibility ensures seamless integration with upcoming network technologies, safeguarding your investment for years to come.
  • Quality of Service (QoS) Optimization: Prioritize critical applications and services with advanced QoS capabilities, ensuring that mission-critical operations receive the necessary bandwidth and resources for uninterrupted performance.
  • Redundancy and Failover Support: Maximize network uptime and minimize disruptions with built-in redundancy and failover support, automatically switching to backup connections in case of primary link failures.

Boost productivity and efficiency with seamless 5G connectivity for your business.

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