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CradlePoint E3000 Series Enterprise 5G Router with 1 Year NetCloud Enterprise Branch Essentials Plan and Advanced Plan; APAC

SKU: M2M-CP-00139

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The CradlePoint E3000 Series harnesses the power of 5G, allowing businesses to capitalize on unprecedented data speeds and low latency, revolutionizing how data-intensive tasks are handled. Streamlining multi-site connectivity, the router offers seamless access to cloud applications and real-time collaboration tools, bolstering workforce productivity.

Complementing the E3000 Series router, the 1-Year NetCloud Enterprise Branch Essentials Plan empowers businesses with robust network management capabilities. Simplify device deployment and streamline operations with cloud-based management tools, enabling efficient monitoring, configuration, and troubleshooting across your distributed network. Gain real-time insights into network performance and usage, optimizing resources and ensuring a seamless user experience.

Order In Only

Experience unparalleled enterprise-grade networking performance with the CradlePoint E3000 Series Enterprise 5G Router, a state-of-the-art solution engineered to meet the demanding connectivity requirements of businesses in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Seamlessly integrating cutting-edge 5G technology, this high-performance router ensures lightning-fast data transfer rates, minimal latency, and enhanced reliability for mission-critical applications.


  • 5G-optimized Performance: Embrace the future of connectivity with lightning-fast data speeds and low latency, ideal for bandwidth-intensive applications and real-time communications.
  • Cloud-based Management: The NetCloud Enterprise Branch Essentials Plan facilitates streamlined device management, analytics, and troubleshooting from a centralized cloud console, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced Security: Fortify your network with the Advanced Plan’s comprehensive security features, ensuring data protection and network integrity in the face of ever-evolving cyber threats.
  • Multi-site Connectivity: Seamlessly connect multiple branch locations, empowering collaboration and enhancing productivity across your organization.
  • Scalable Solutions: Designed to grow with your business, the E3000 Series and NetCloud Enterprise Plans offer scalable options to suit your evolving needs.

Weight2 kg
Dimensions4 × 32 × 16 cm


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