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CradlePoint DIN Rail Mounting Bracket – IBR900/IBR950, IBR600C/IBR650C, IBR200

SKU: M2M-CP-00012

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The CradlePoint DIN Rail Mounting Bracket is a reliable and flexible solution designed to securely mount your CradlePoint routers, including the IBR900, IBR950, IBR600C, IBR650C, and IBR200 models. This sturdy bracket offers a convenient and efficient way to optimize your network connectivity in industrial and enterprise environments.

Engineered with superior quality materials, the DIN Rail Mounting Bracket ensures durability and long-lasting performance. By securely attaching your CradlePoint router to a DIN rail, it eliminates the need for additional hardware and provides a space-saving solution. This enables you to efficiently utilize your valuable infrastructure and maintain a neat and organized setup.

Order In Only

With the CradlePoint DIN Rail Mounting Bracket, you can easily access your router while keeping it safely mounted. This accessibility facilitates convenient maintenance, troubleshooting, and configuration adjustments, saving you time and effort. The bracket’s precision design guarantees a snug fit, keeping your router in place even in demanding operational conditions.


  • Sturdy and durable design for long-lasting performance.
  • Saves space and eliminates the need for additional hardware.
  • Provides easy access to the router for maintenance and configuration adjustments.
  • Precise fit for secure mounting, even in demanding operational conditions.
  • Versatile compatibility with CradlePoint IBR900, IBR950, IBR600C, IBR650C, and IBR200 routers.
  • Suitable for various environments, including industrial, transportation, and office settings.

Secure your network infrastructure with this essential accessory and experience seamless connectivity while optimizing your workflow.

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