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Blackhawk 4×4 Hybrid Combiner, 700-2700MHz, N Female

SKU: ACC-BH-00017

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Hybrid Couplers are used to develop advanced RF transmission systems where interaction-free signal combining is required. 4×4 matrices are typically used as an in-building multi-network combiner.

Blackhawk’s 4×4 Hybrid Matrix is a highly effective repeater combiner which is commonly used to distribute multiple 4G services across multiple distribution feeder cables. The four input ports allow up to four repeaters to be combined across four outputs with a -6 dB coupling loss. Providing more effective division than Power Dividers, 4×4 Hybrid Couplers are used extensively even with installations with only two or three repeaters.


  • Covers 4G frequencies from 700 to 2700 MHz
  • 6 dB Coupling across four outputs (25:25:25:25%)
  • Low PIM -153 dBc
  • 4x N Female input and 4x N Female output ports

In Stock

Blackhawk 700-2700MHz 4×4 Port Hybrid Combiner N/F

Connector Type: N Female
Frequency Support: 698-2700MHz

Weight1.55 kg
Dimensions32 × 17 × 6 cm


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