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Victron delivers reliable, clean power to remote Amazon community.

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The community of Vila Limeira has become the first village in Amazonia to benefit from 100% solar mini-grid power provision. They can hardly believe what has been achieved!

Prior to the installation, the community ran a diesel generator that provided electricity to the school, church and homes between the hours of 7pm and 10pm. The cost of 300 litres of diesel per month and spare parts and lubricants placed a heavy financial burden on the community. Added to this, the unexpected blackouts caused by the unreliability of the generator were both inconvenient and disappointing – with each home having candles and torches as a backup for that regular eventuality.

The new solar mini-grid project was designed and supplied by ION Energia and supported financially by the World Wildlife Fund in Brazil.

It includes:

  • 80 x Solar Panels of 400W
  • 3 x Quattro 10kVA 48V Inverter / Chargers
  • 5 x SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 Solar Charge Controllers
  • 6 BYD 13.8kWh Lithium Batteries
  • 1 x  Octo GX

As with all ‘impossible’ dreams, at first, no one believed it would ever happen – yet a few months ago lights were dazzling when their new solar energy system was commissioned. Already new life has sprung into the community. With reliable power available at the flick of a switch teachers can consider educational aids such as video instruction; families have light in their homes, and everyone begins to dream of greater possibilities for themselves and their future.

The solar array of 32 kWp, and a lithium battery bank of 82.8 kWh are expected to provide useful service for 25 years and 15 years respectively.


Until recently the community of over 80 people were vulnerable to the usual disadvantages caused by the lack of reliable electricity but now has an off-grid system of which they are extremely proud. They foresee neighbouring villages following their lead in choosing solar-generated power entirely appropriate for their fragile remote environment.


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