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The Role of a Mobile Phone Antenna For Creating Voice Clarity

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When mobile reception is an issue, most people blame the telecommunication companies, complaining their network provider is at fault. After all, it’s their towers that are providing the faulty service, right?

In fact, many people may be surprised to learn that often it’s their own handset that is responsible for the dropped calls and emails that take a lifetime to load. Modern mobile phone antennas sacrifice function in the name of form but, thankfully, there is an easy way to get the most out of your device, even in low coverage areas.

Tying up the Tech

Anyone old enough to remember the ‘brick’ cell phones of yesteryear will know all too well just how far mobile technology has come. While huge, telescopic antennas may be a thing of the past, even the most modern smart device requires an effective way to receive and transmit data. With the continued miniaturisation of technology, many compact, low-quality antennas have been doing most of the work, so customers in areas where coverage is less than ideal can experience dropouts and poor reception.

Anyone who’s experienced blackspots, slow internet, and static during voice conversations has likely felt the sting of an inadequate antenna.

Fortunately, third-party solutions, like those offered by Powertec Telecommunications, have enabled users to significantly improve their mobile experiences. These sleek CEL-FI GO packs work with all carriers and can be installed in your home, business, boat or vehicle. They work by picking up and amplifying cellular signals, even in challenging locales such as basements and lifts.

Infinity and Beyond

Apart from crystal-clear conversations and more reliable internet speeds, these Powertec systems provide further benefits for users.

With your phone having access to much stronger reception, it won’t have to ‘hunt’ for a signal in blackspots. This helps increase battery life, while reducing the electromagnetic radiation emitted from your device, maintaining a safer connection for longer.

Whether you’re a commercial operation looking to improve your connection to clients, or an individual wanting to tackle nasty reception blackspots in your home and on the move, Powertec offers a mobile phone antenna to suit any application. Give the friendly team a call today on AU (07) 5577 0500 or NZ (09) 951 6205 to start getting the most out of your smart devices.

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