The Cel-Fi GO Models


If you are wondering why the Cel-Fi GO comes in two flavours, a ‘Stationary’ & ‘Mobile’ version, then this is the article you need to read.

GO ‘Mobile’
GO ‘Stationary’




The ‘Mobile’ version of GO is designed for moving applications. It has the ability to switch towers at a faster speed and supports travelling at speeds greater than 60km/h.



The ‘Stationary’ version of GO is designed for fixed applications. It is not recommended for speeds greater than 60km/h.

As it is designed for fixed applications away from a mobile phone towers the system gain is not limited.



System Gain: 70dB (Now 100dB with an upgrade)



System Gain: 100dB



Supported Speed: 0-120km/h



Supported Speed: 0-60km/h



Tower Switching Speed: Fast



Tower Switching Speed: Slow



Boosting Threshold: no limitations



Boosting Threshold: no limitations


33 thoughts on “The Cel-Fi GO Models

  1. Powertec Telecommunications says:

    I want to use it on a boat that does less than 60km/h and sometimes is 100km from the mainland. Is the fixed version with 100db gain better for me? I also want mobile phone and Internet but I see some literature says it only boosts one band – will I still get both so I can be on both my laptop and phone at the same time?

  2. Powertec Telecommunications says:

    Hi Ian, yes the stationary GO model will be the unit we recommend for marine use. It will come with an external marine antenna and internal antenna. If you want to have voice and internet active then you just need to select the 3G setting. At the moment 4G supports internet, and limited voice (dependant on the plan, phone and area you are in). So we recommend having the GO in the 3G setting.

  3. Powertec Telecommunications says:

    I’m looking to use the Go to boost mobile reception in my caravan, mainly for internet use with some voice thrown in. I intend mounting a whip aerial on top of the van’s TV antenna pole with the Go installed in a top cupboard. I gather I’d be looking at the Stationary Go for this?

  4. Powertec Telecommunications says:

    Hi Kim – yes a Stationary GO would be suitable for you in this instance. Note that the GO will be provided as packs (including internal and external antennas) to suit your application. If you add your email we can contact you when the product has been approved. http://cel-fi.com.au/cel_fi_go_repeater.html. Thanks for your enquiry.

  5. Powertec Telecommunications says:

    The stationary model comes with a mains power supply, the mobile model comes with a 12v cigarette lighter adapter.
    GO will only support Telstra at this time. It will be sold in kits with antennas, prices are due out in the next 2 weeks and are yet to be confirmed.

  6. Powertec Telecommunications says:

    As the 2G network is now history, when will the Go be released? It seems to be unnecessarily delayed.

  7. Powertec Telecommunications says:


    Just wondering if you are intending getting this approved by Optus. I want it for travelling / caravan use and all my advise is that Optus is the service to use in remote areas

  8. Powertec Telecommunications says:

    I am sailing around Australia in my 29′ yacht, currently in Darwin. I work a week while on anchor where I can get internet & then sail for 2 days. I have a 7.5dBi aerial on top of the 13m high mast. There is a 10.3 diam. super low loss coax cable (LCU400 from Telco Antennas) down the mast & terminating with a patch cable & TS9 connector to the Telstra 4GX ZTE modem in the cabin.
    1. is the fixed version suitable ?
    2. Will the TS9 connector work ?
    3. Can I use the current aerial & cable ?

    Regards, Allan Haddow

  9. Powertec Telecommunications says:

    Hi David – Just released. You can find all the information about it on this website and the packages available on the http://www.powertec.com.au website. If you need an install, let us know your postcode and you can purchase and install from a local.

  10. Powertec Telecommunications says:

    Hi Patrik – Hopefully you have seen the release information. If not, the product is available now. You can find all the information on the product on this website and the packages available on http://www.powertec.com.au. If you would like to purchase and install from a local, please just send us your password and we can advise the closest reseller to you.

  11. Powertec Telecommunications says:

    Hi Heather – At this stage unfortunately there is no product approved by Optus. We hope this changes but it is not something that will happen in the next few months.

  12. Powertec Telecommunications says:

    Hi Allan – thanks for your query. Answers to your questions as follows:

    1. is the fixed version suitable ? Yes….. Cel-Fi GO stationary
    2. Will the TS9 connector work ? You will require a SMA male connector to connect to Cel-Fi GO for input signal.
    3. Can I use the current aerial & cable ? We offer a full package with all tested antennas and cables… no need to use the current aerial and cable you have. We recommend you purchase the marine pack which includes all the antennas required and has been tested to work with the product. Using non approved cable and antennas may result in the unit not performing or under performing and will impact your warranty.

    Hope that helps.

  13. Powertec Telecommunications says:

    Hi John – we are not aware of Telstra planning to sell GO direct to customers. They may use them internally for network applications.

  14. Powertec Telecommunications says:

    Hi Cell-Fi, will you ever consider selling a unit with the external antenna, some of us boaties have already invested in top of line 3G, 4G and 4GX antennas and wish to re use them. Especially the other chap Allan that has his already on top of his yachts 13m mast, a huge job to replace. I cant see how another model antenna can effect warranty if its compatible with the 3g, 4g and 4gx bands…Mark

  15. Powertec Telecommunications says:

    Cel-Fi GO comes with approved and tested antennas that we know perform well. Whilst the system may work with other antennas, we cannot endorse their use. GO not only relies on the antenna to pick up the signal, it also relies on the indoor and outdoor antennas not interfering with each other to perform at an optimum level. As we have not tested other brands of antennas we are unable to comment on their performance when being used with GO.

  16. Powertec Telecommunications says:

    what is the expected maximum range from a cell tower with the mobile go unit?
    And expected fitted p[rice to motorhome?

  17. Powertec Telecommunications says:

    HI Brett – The expected range of mobile signal can vary according to the terrain, vegetation, frequency band, volume of users, height of tower and type of tower. There are too many variables to give an exact range. In an ideal scenario like a boat out at sea with a tower high on the mountain, we have seen customers 180km from a tower able to make calls. It is better to talk in terms of being able to make calls where they usually break up, driving between towns with drops outs along the way in spots that now don’t drop out. Being able to SMS and get internet, where before you had signal but no data throughput. Usually having one bar of signal but you now have three…… these are the typical things we hear.

    With regards to the fitted price, you will need to speak to your local expert – the product cost including all the antennas can be found on this website: http://www.powertec.com.au/cel-fi-go-repeater-for-telstra-caravan-yagi-pack

    If you would like a referral for an installer in your area then visit here: http://www.cel-fi.com.au/info

  18. Powertec Telecommunications says:

    I have just got myself a CEL-FI Go and noticed there is a USB port on the side, is it possible to use the USB port to monitor the device as my PC doesn’t have bluetooth?

  19. Powertec Telecommunications says:

    Hi, I’m looking at use of a stationary unit in a larger building. Is there any limit on the number of users that it can handle for voice calls and data ? We have over 100 persons in the building.

  20. Powertec Telecommunications says:

    Hi Henry, Cel-Fi PRO was tested by the manufacturer Nextivity and they guarantee up to 25 people can utilise the device at the same time. They did not continue testing for higher numbers than this – it is possible the device can do them. The device has been used for offices with similar size staff and we have not received any negative feedback. I hope that helps you.

  21. Powertec Telecommunications says:

    I run a charter boat and am often on the perimeter of the Telstra coverage maps for 3G far away from land. When I check out 4GX coverage map for the same area, I see I am well within the boundary so I expect I will enjoy better coverage with 4GX. However, some locations on the eastern side of islands (according to the coverage maps) show better coverage with 3G than 4GX. I don’t want to have to download these coverage maps and refer to them at each anchorage, is there a gauge that will indicate what frequency is best at each location ? If not, is there a new version that will automatically tune the Cel-Fi GO to the best frequency for that location ?

    Also I see you said in May 2016 you said “At the moment 4G supports internet, and limited voice So we recommend having the GO in the 3G setting if you want to have voice and internet active at the same time” Is this still the case ?

  22. Powertec Telecommunications says:

    Hi John

    Cel-Fi GO features three modes, 3G/4G/AUTO. The auto mode is what you are after, it determines the best frequency to boost based on signal strength and noise in the signal. So it will hop between 3G and 4G whilst you move around the islands. 4G on voice (VoLTE) is available in nearly all areas of Australia now and it will be rare if you come across a tower without it. You must have a phone that supports VoLTE also, as an example in the iPhone models you need an iPhone 6 or iPhone SE and above. Hope that helps. Regards Cel-Fi.

  23. Powertec Telecommunications says:

    Hi I have a stationary unit and want to now use it mobile do you have any recommendations I should follow

  24. Powertec Telecommunications says:

    Hi Sam – depending on which stationary version you have there may be some options. If you have a version that is locked to the carrier (their specification) you will not be able to use it as a mobile version as it will keep asking you to register. If you have a very early model, you may not have a locked version. In which case it should work as per a mobile as long as speeds are not excessive (over 60km/hr). To find out which model you have please be sure to open a ticket via our Support Page below: https://www.powertec.com.au/helpdesk/open.php; Select Cel-Fi GO from the “Product List” / Select No for the “Cel-FI GO – Troubleshooting Guide / Did this solve your issue” response / Select Cel-Fi – GO – Others under Issue Summary / Describe your requirement.

    Hope that helps you to move forward.

  25. Powertec Telecommunications says:

    Hi.In the perspective of a Grey Nomad travelling in a Caravan around Oz.We would need signal while we travel on the road in the car. Then stationary when we camp in the caravan, but also outside when we socialising. Is there a unit we can temporary fit in the car for max reception while driving, then moved it in the caravan for stationary use and the antenna to be moved outside for outdoor reception.Basically a car unit, a caravan unit and a stationary unit in one unit interchangeable for vehicles and use with a flick of a switch.

  26. Powertec Telecommunications says:

    Hi Didi – you could look at the following pack to assist you. x 1 Cel-Fi GO Caravan Omni Pack – Wall mount & x 1 Mars 5dBi for Outdoor coverage & x 1 Adhesive panel antenna and x 1 Blackhawk Trucker Edge Antenna for vehicle. You can find out this information on http://www.powertec.com.au. You may need to speak to Powertec customer service team for more details. 07 5577 0500.

  27. Powertec Telecommunications says:

    Hi, Planning travelling Australia extensively in 18 months time. Just wondering what set up would suit us best. We will be travelling in a large 4wd with bullbar. We would cover both open flat lands as well as mountainous and city areas. I have used different types of UHF aerials in the past to suit the landscape. We both use OPPO phones and are based near Ballarat.
    Thanks, Geoff

  28. Powertec Telecommunications says:

    Hi Geoff – as a general rule I would recommend one of the 2 Trucker packs. The new GME trucker or the Blackhawk Trucker. Either will be fine depending on your preference for look and price. https://www.powertec.com.au/cel-fi-go-repeater-for-telstra-gme-at4705b-trucker-black-pack or https://www.powertec.com.au/cel-fi-go-repeater-for-telstra-trucker-edge-4wd-pack. If you have any specific questions, you can always call our staff for advice 07 5577 0500.

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