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Altai A8n Smart Antenna Technology

Flagship Altai A8n(ac) series with smart antenna technology can transmit and receive in the best possible paths. This is achieved by analysing the receiving path’s information and adjusting the weighting factors in transmitting paths. Once there is a change in a target signal, the self-adaptive algorithm in the A8n(ac) series weighting array will automatically adjust the signal paths direction.

Altai’s A8n Super Wi-Fi base station is an advanced 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi solution. With its 8×8 MIMO and Altai’s smart antenna technology, it is designed for broadest coverage range and best non-line-of-sight (NLOS) performance.

Operating concurrently in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, the Super Wi-Fi A8n base station can provide access connectivity in both bands as well as long-range (up to 30 kilometres) backhauling in the 5GHz band.

Benefits of Altai Super Wi-Fi 

1. Greater Coverage & Capacity

Altai’s A8n technology allows user to take advantage of multipath signals with very high diversity gain in NLOS environments

2. Improved Uplink Performance

High receive diversity gain gives a much better uplink performance especially favourable to low powered devices

3. Better Interference Mitigation

If an A8n base station receives interference from a neighbouring antenna, the A8n multi-sector coverage system is able to minimise the impacted sectors. Allowing the signal transfer to continue. This multi-sector system also allows for antennas to simultaneously collect different signals.

4. Management Program

Once you have installed your new Altai A8n Super Wi-Fi system, remotely manage the system with AltaiCare Wireless Network Management program. AltaiCare is a cloud-based, network management and service control software system. It is designed for Wi-Fi service providers, with integrated network management and service control functionalities, for fast and cost-saving service provisioning. It is also suitable for location-aware content management and big data analytics to help define sales and marketing strategies based on customer behaviour. Service providers or enterprises can simply subscribe to the AltaiCare cloud-based Wi-Fi management solution for the number of access points and years they require.

The Altai Wi-Fi products have a multitude of applications such as internet access within an office or free Wi-Fi for hotel guests. Read more in the case study below about the application and benefits of using Altai Super Wi-Fi as part of your business point-of-difference model.

Case study: Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality, South Africa

Business Needs: Free Wi-Fi hotspots for local residents in under-serviced areas

The Challenge

  • Large area coverage with many Wi-Fi hotspots scattered around the district
  • A large number of simultaneous users
  • Lack of Ethernet backbone

Products used

The Solution

  • Altai A8n and A2 Ei are deployed on the rooftops of buildings for Wi-Fi access
  • C1n’s are used as CPE’s to extend Wi-Fi coverage.
  • A2 and C1n are used to provide small-area wireless networks
  • AltaiCare is used to manage the Wi-Fi network and configuration

Business Benefits

  • There are 225 Wi-Fi hotspots in the city of Tlokwe located in the Dr. KKDM district
  • The Wi-Fi hotspots are deployed mostly in underserved areas such as townships and
  • At peak hours, there are over a thousand simultaneous users with an average speed
    of over 15Mbps per user


For more information about Altai Super Wi-Fi systems, please contact a member of the Powertec team on AU (07) 5577 0500 or NZ (09) 951 6205.


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