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Is Guest Wi-Fi connectivity as Important as Hot Water?

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Guest Wi-Fi – Like it or not, this is the age of ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD).

Article written by Mandy Clarke Industry Reporter for Accommodation Management Guide Industry News.

This article appeared in the Accommodation Management Guide and we here at Powertec completely agree.  Society is obsessed with gadgets and when people travel their gadgets come with them. Making connection easy for your guests should be on the top of every list for every hotel, motel or airbnb – large or small operation.

Today’s guests arrive with their own online subscriptions and content, most have a clear idea of what they want and what they are accustomed to. They want to be able to view their regular news or social media updates and access content on one of their favourite apps and catch up channels such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Stan, YouTube, and more.

New content is always going online and more guests will want to access it on their own devices, not to mention business travellers with individual needs. Accommodation providers that enable their guests to connect to the web’s unlimited resources will offer a more varied and personal service.

Spiking demand for connectivity is placing an enormous burden on many hotel wifi networks and pressuring accommodation providers to invest in modern infrastructure. Connected Guest Wi-Fi

Guest reviews on TripAdvisor and the emergence of dedicated wifi-ranking websites have been tracking interest in hotel wifi.

Guest room technology specialist Brendon Granger, the general manager of Technology4Hotels, agreed that we are living in the age of BYOD: “Guest’s arrive at a hotel with a myriad of communication and entertainment devices. We are now living in a society obsessed and reliant on its gadgets. These gadgets keep us both connected and entertained.

“Hotel guests bring devices with them and are watching their own movies and programs in the comfort of their room. Why do they want to use their own devices? Because they have spent time and money loading their ‘life’ onto their devices and they know how they work.”

He told us: “I believe that increasingly, in-room technology is less about what hotels provide (IPTV and pay-per-view movies) and more about accommodating what guests are bringing with them. The key for hotels is to provide them with the power, infrastructure and the bandwidth to achieve this.”

According to Mr Granger, the factors that accommodation providers should consider when catering for BYOD include power, internet connectivity, bandwidth and infrastructure/hardware.

For more information about how Powertec and our network of trained installers can make like easier for you and your guests contact us on 07 5577 0500 or using the contact form HERE.


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