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Stay Connected on the GO with CEL-FI GO!

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Living in Australia and New Zealand, you’ll understand the frustration of patchy or non-existent mobile reception when travelling outside city limits. Introducing CEL-FI GO, a Mobile Signal Repeater, the ideal product to boost and distribute a 3G/4G mobile signal. You’ll never again have to move or stay in a certain spot to make and receive calls or worry when you decide to take a drive off the beaten track or sail across the ocean.

Just install a CEL-FI GO into your RV, caravan, campervan, boat or vehicle and get signal on the go! In your leisure time you can enjoy coverage in your vehicle or boat when you go camping, four-wheel driving or fishing – it’s the perfect outdoor companion.

Coupled with antennas and the CEL-FI WAVE smartphone app, CEL-FI GO is the ideal solution to resolve the toughest coverage challenges. Learn how to choose the right antenna, click here.

CEL-FI GO can amplify the available LTE/HSPA mobile signal and increase your data speeds dramatically. Email, internet, video and social networking speeds can achieve up to 4x improvement.

Using a CEL-FI GO, your indoor and outdoor mobile signal should be high, and the battery life of your device will be extended to allow you to work, talk and play longer.

CEL-FI GO in a Caravan

Powertec recently supplied a CEL-FI GO Mobile device to a well-known Australian caravan manufacturer. CEL-FI GO Mobile Repeaters are a great optional extra that this company offers to all its customers. This superior product is the only legal option in Australia to boost your mobile signal. CEL-FI repeaters go hand-in-hand with caravans – they are the perfect addition to enable users a greater radius of signal from nearby cellular towers when out and about.

The Challenge:

  • Enable customers camping in remote areas to receive an improved mobile phone signal

Products Used:

The Solution:

A Powertec reseller expertly installed a CEL-FI GO Mobile Repeater and two Blackhawk antennas into their latest custom-built caravan. One external Blackhawk Marine antenna was installed on the exterior of the caravan, with an adjustable mount. This allows the user to change the position of the antenna from active (pointed up) to inactive (pointed down). This is useful for a number of reasons such as fitting under low clearance areas and when taking the caravan off road to avoid unnecessary strain on the antenna mount.

Additionally, an internal Blackhawk dome antenna has been placed inside the caravan. This allows the boosted Telstra signal, created by the CEL-FI GO, to be dispersed around the entire caravan.



  • 100dB of system gain (latest software update required using WAVE App)
  • Includes external and internal antennas
  • Up to 900m2 of coverage
  • Locked to Vodafone’s Mobile Network (Spark coming soon)
  • Carrier approved
  • Band Selection Button
  • Bluetooth WAVE App for iPhone, Android & Computers 


Powertec provides full network design