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Powertec Telecommunications is very excited to share that customers are now able to purchase CEL-FI GO for use on the New Zealand Spark network.

GO provides a mobile coverage solution for those in black spots for use in homes, offices and vehicles.

After the successful launch earlier this year of the CEL-FI GO2 for Vodafone users, enquiries for a Spark network option came flooding in.

As CEL-FI GO devices are a legal repeater option in New Zealand, customers can enjoy peace of mind when boosting their signal knowing they are not hindering the operation of the cellular network, and possibly gaining a large fine!

Managing Director of Powertec Telecommunications, Raymond Smith said that the company commenced discussions immediately with Spark in order to bring this highly anticipated product to the market.

“As a company, we are passionate about a world where everyone can communicate and be connected, and with the launch of CEL-FI GO for the Spark network we are one step closer to this goal,”

“Strong and constant cellular coverage is more critical than ever before as the norm becomes to rely on mobile phones as the primary mode of communication,” said Raymond.

What can Spark New Zealand GO customers look forward to:

  • Improved voice quality
  • Decreased radiation to mobile users from handsets
  • Improved mobile phone battery life
  • Indoor and outdoor coverage
  • Multiple applications: 4WD, vehicle, marine, home and office

Coupled with antennas and the CEL-FI WAVE smartphone app, CEL-FI GO is the ideal solution to resolve the toughest coverage challenges.

Operating on both 3G and 4G frequency bands, the device is indoor/outdoor IP rated and can be used in marine, automotive and fixed applications, for moving vehicles and building installations to amplify cellular signals.

Since its inception in 1995, Powertec Telecommunications has established itself as a leading player in connectivity, offering clients the best solutions for their communications requirements.

For more information contact (09) 951 6205 or visit www.powertec.co.nz

Spark New Zealand GO

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