Worksite & Mine Site Connectivity

Establishing site communications across the diverse Australian environment carries unique challenges. A greater challenge still is implementing a technology stack that recognises the limited availability of technicians and instead provides for remote serviceability through uniformity and de-risking of hardware.
Having helped develop telecom solutions for industry since 1995, Powertec have gained a deep understanding that has helped us put together high-quality and pragmatic designs based on principles of field-replaceability and least-moving-parts.
We build enduring wireless technology solutions through the intersection of expertly planned radiofrequency networks with the manufacturing of fully engineered solar power and steel infrastructure systems.

Hazards in Building Carparks and Basements

  • Rapid-Deploy 4G-5G Repeater Trailers
  • Easy-Setup Repeater Systems for Demountable Buildings
  • Connectivity-in-a-Box
  • Private LTE and Private 5G Networks
  • Open-RAN & Virtual-RAN Networks
  • Freestanding and Guyed Towers
  • Off-Grid Energy
Powertec have a Field Services presence and Installation Contractor network spanning Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Pacific Islands, and South Asia. We can also support mining telecommunications projects across Africa and Central Asia.

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Powertec is the leader in consulting and management in agricultural and outdoor building wireless connectivity solutions.

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