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At Powertec, we’re proud of our 27-year history of helping Australians with their connectivity challenges. We’ve provided over 160,000 mobile signal boosters across the width and breadth of the country. Our team have provided solutions for just about every town and every place; car, boat, yard, tunnel, tractor, hill, helicopter, plane, train, office, and home.
Over the years as connectivity has become a more vital part of our world, our solutions have evolved to meet the challenge. So too has our network of valued local partners. We work closely with over 1500 dealers and installers across Australia and New Zealand who bring our technologies to your door.
Supporting local business means more than supporting local jobs. It also helps build experienced, trusted and accountable businesses who understand the challenges unique to your part of the country.
We use our advanced software toolsets to analyse poor mobile coverage and connectivity issues and tailor a matching solution. Our Project Management team then reach out to one of our local partners and coordinate the installation. After a successful install, we keep a documentation package of the job on file to help our support team troubleshoot any issues or help plan out your next project.We are more than repeaters. Our team provide comprehensive wireless technology installation services, with expertise across WiFi, wireless bridging, Private 5G, IoT & sensor networks, long range 4G-5G solutions, solar & energy, and rigging & tower services.

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Powertec is the leader in consulting and management in agricultural and outdoor building wireless connectivity solutions.

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